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pool chemicals nc
How do I winterize a saltwater swimming pool?

33.000 gallons. We live in North Carolina, where the winters are mild. First year of swimming – No Supply more. Which chemicals? Should I run dry pipes under the skimmer and drain it or leave it be easy? Add the salt? Shock?, Etc.. …

Get Their water balance for two weeks in advance of your fence. The closing time: 1 / Vac the pool and backwash if this is a sand filter. 2 / Start drainage. You need to either rent a pump or if your pool has a special suction main drain valve, you can use the skimmer and main drain only go you can use the pool at the appropriate level Drain. You only have to empty your outlet below lower yield. 3/Remove wall lamps and filter basket. Turn your wall supports in the basket, she holds it all together for easy storage. If you have a pool of light, you must delete it. Some float, others not. If it is a float, where a round river rock, put it in a plastic bag and tie it around the cable to the lamp, and little light. If not, you're looking for a new light spring. You can be completely removed, but it is a bit of work and the light bulb is as safe under the ice. Remove scales and diving pool, including the base. Tape, the son of the original base or with a product called Aqua lubricant to keep the screws from rust. I like band because it is easy to remove the spring and you can make some banners to prevent the ends Man banging on his toes exposed screws are now turned against the bridge. At least they have a little warning. 4 / You need a fan for this next Bit, you may be able to rent at your local pool shop or you can ask them a "blow-line and to do anti-freeze. It is much cheaper than the little Closure to do it myself. It will also give you a little peace of mind, because if you miss DIY and a line or a piece of filter systems, it is probably a necessary repair bill be divided in spring. If you save a pool to catch your breath, take the responsibility if something goes wrong do. Your choice is. However, on the breath accept and I have to sand filters that you have not specified. If it is a cartridge or DE filter, I will certainly may have a pro in the game for these two systems vary widely in her garden and design. Know exactly how each approach is impossible to cover is. If you publish this new filter you have, I can do more to help. The steps which I outline below are for a sand filter. Remove with a sand filter, the cap from the floor drain. If there is a whirlpool filter, make sure you remove the cover and not the trunk. All other filter manufacturers with a lid on the bottom. Drain. Remove the pump basket. Place your drain plug in place and all the other pieces, you remove it from the filter system. Set your filter on the return of position. Remove drain plugs from the pump. There will be two, one will be front and a on the page. When a pump sta rite, it can not be a cap on the page, but it is one at the base of the turbine housing (the big round bit behind the basket area). Drain and put the cards in the basket. It remains to be done two things to talk properly filter tank that at the end of the fence to talk to the dial valve and pressure languages I will should be left to later. Your salt generator. Turn on power. The cell must be removable. Remove it and pull the control panel. According to the manufacturer, must Take care to remove the detection unit. If it is a Ecomatic, you will need. If it left a golden line, where it is. Clean the cell while you're there. That's it. If you have a water heater, gas supplies both inside the radiator to the gas valve and supply line coming into the furnace. Remove the pressure switch from the copper pig Tail and let it hang by the electrical connections and open the drain valve on both sides of the head, if needed. 5 / Blow time. Start with the vacuum lines. Hang pump the fan on the pipe to the pool. If you have a main line, the first time. Close your pool skimmer and all online own Wall. If you get bubbles in the main channel to see, close the drain valve while the fan is still running, then shut off the fan. That's all what can you do, then vacuum with a floor drain. Frost protection is not necessary. Leave the drain alone until spring. Then there is the skimmer. If a line equalizer (Hole open in front (next pool) in the skimmer, rope stuff foam (2 m) and registered it in the tube. Winter cap with a T connector. Equipment, open the valve on the skimmer and blow. You'll see a volcanic eruption in the skimmer. Normal. Wait until you see very little water (fog or fine droplets) release. Frost Protection Time. Use only RV antifreeze or plumber, nothing else. You can cheaper in a hardware store in the store of the pool. Pour about one liter in the suction line at the pump, where are your fan, connected to the beat of the main channel, new Secure the fan and execution. If you see another volcano in the skimmer to provide Sure it is not colored (plumbing antifreeze and RV antifreeze is colored) If the color is really beefy you do it. You can either tape up T is called a Gizmo (can be purchased at a pool store) and screw in the rear opening, or, if this skimmer has a smooth bore, using an extensible Rubber stopper, then run a few empty bottles of chemicals or large plastic bottle of Coke. Even a piece of Styrofoam is. The idea is that all the ingress of water into the Skimmer and freeze now would crush the bottles or Styrofoam and not damage the skimmer. The gadget does the same, but costs a little money. Close your Skimmer if you have one. You're done with the skimmer lid. If a suction line InWall for a pool cleaner, cook the same way that the skimmer in the same place Equipment. T band of a plug and use. Hand tighten with 1 / 4 turn with a wrench is all you need. The same applies to all screw You use. Close this valve.The InWall suction Automatic swimming pool equipment should of all tubes and stored flat, if there is a vacuum cleaner is. Do not wrap up or buy the new hose in the spring. If it's a Barracuda or automatic cleaner to remove wrinkles on the device, rinse and store flat. For most pools, it is on the suction side of things. 6 lines / Back. Hang the fan at the opening where your mobile salt. You'll blow back by an intercooler (if any) and the top of the filter by the pump. Make sure that the suction tubes are closed, or you can water down those Lines that you just skip the winter. Keep fan and said that these valves will flow in the header as well as heating your feet off the bottom of the pump or a soaker. Make sure the filter to "return" is. Put a fan on. If you have only a small spit of heating and drain valves to empty the pump to see, you're good. Close the valves clean heating. Add antifreeze to jump on the line and. You'll freeze out is drained the pump. If you do this, are finished. Your heater to the filter and secure. Put a filter for the winter and remove the pressure gauge. You need the position change blow into. Place pipe fan in the other end of the opening in the cell salt that leads directly to the pool. If you have a foil (remove the hose to the film) or waterfall, or on the first and then close the valve back into the pool. Blow, you have little or no water to follow up with antifreeze. Generally, there are no plugs for the winter here either to install. Instructions for your pool, close to otherwise non-return valves (waterfall or slides) and turn your fan from the back closest to the equipment, are off to yield occur in the order temporarily. The next RETUNE equipment is almost always the one who first gets rid of water. Just go there and if little or no water, only air, temporarily put a cap in hand this winter. The water is now is to remove the back closer. If you have more than two statements have then plug it back in termporarily force of the water to the next. If those things are blown, remove your catch and load the line with antifreeze. Turn off the fans and race antifreeze in the pool. 🙂 If you come out, plug. Repeat until all the lines show from antifreeze. If you have a buddy seat Jets with you to understand that in the comments and I can tell you how to blow out, or I'll leave it at that. 7 / coverage period. Place hardy in your kit Chemicals. If you meet Waterbag, fill half full bags, no more. Arrange the tarp on the roof of the pool and adjust it so that it at least 1 foot of cover on the deck lid and then goes directly to the wall at right angles to the surface water pool and the wall. There should be no crack here at all. A well-fitting lid, no restricted areas, which will eventually take place over the winter with a snow load. If you have a blockage in the lid. They are a breeze, you just have to know where you are around this type of reporting will be adjusted in rule. A tip for those hedges is to fold the edges into a "boat" and you can make it on the surface share of the pool without sinking, making it easy to turn around to find it is better. Plug the cable cover in the top of the cap rail and make sure it goes in correctly. If it works and looks good, runs Liner Lock use in corners and every few meters along straight, to keep up. If this is a security blanket (trampoline type) and you are the first year with him, you are the best to make a pro, especially if the anchor is not fixed in the deck. If the anchors are there and the straps are already reporting been adapted for them, then by all means, go ahead. Open the anchor of the platform around the pool. Most manufacturers use the same cover type anchor and a wrist saving trick here is to use a drill Corless added almost everything in reverse and screwdriver tip behind will work with hexagonal base. If indeed work perfectly and takes 30 minutes to a couple of minutes. From the stairs as it is easier to return the bracelet, which the anchor and you can not go wrong later to understand the process of the band.

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