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Pool Chemicals Non Chlorine

pool chemicals non chlorine
how to start a pool rather than chlorine message?

We are delighted to be above buying a sub-floor pool, it is a novel, Walmart is not it so extravagant. It is 15 meters wide and 4 feet deep. I have never had a group before, so I'm beginner. I'm sure it will come with instructions, but I want some Information to know before I start. I need to buy what type of chemicals they know and how often.

I suspect that your pool is round. If the volume is (pi x radius squared x depth) = 706.5 cubic meters. A cubic foot corresponds to 7.4805 gallons of water. Sun 7.4805 times 706.5 = 5284.987 gallons (rounded to 5285). So take the two numbers (706.5 cubic meters and 5285 gallons) filled in a local pool supply with a glass container with the same water or filled already, the Pool filled. The company provides pool water tested and to say to you exactly what chemicals added to water. Be prepared to spend a sum of money. But the water if you follow the instructions on the shop offers pool, remains clear.

Surex OO2 Oxysure Non Chlorine for Above Ground Pools