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Pool Chemicals Purple Stuff

pool chemicals purple stuff
Hair coloring and pool chemicals?

Well, my hair is bleached a little now that I dyed purple. The dye was not are permanent, the only Problem with bleach and I do not know a good blonde. I need the color back my natural color, but I have a Delima I'm not sure because I'm good in this kind of things. Pool chmical mess with my hair so I dye u use this stuff to change, how? uh, I cna't a brand to think of it, but the substance that you can use paint Full ppl, of course? also which of these is best? Please help me. _-U-uh, as my Questin Answer? I know that many, and it would not matter because I aksing not want me to ask about the color, not the natural color. I have naturally dark brown Hair, almost black. Uh, I do not think y'all understand. I need to know pretty much exactly when the dye is in the pits in the pool by themselves.

When my hair was my natural hair color (Dirty Blonde, was now it's a little pink) chlorine green.

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