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Pool Chemicals Shock

pool chemicals shock
I have done EVERYTHING I can think of, and my pool water is still green?

We have a smallish (12 ft by 30 inches) pool. I have added chemicals, shocked it, etc, and the water is still a greenish tint. All the test kits say that the 6 things being tested are in balance, so I assume it’s safe for swimming, but UGLY. Is it safe to run the filter while people are IN the pool? My husband says yes, that it’s not an electrocution hazard, but the company said not to in the directions. My husband is nearly certain that they say that because of the suction of the filter, but this is a small pump, so I don’t think that will be a problem. Of course, we also don’t leave the kids unattended.
Any ideas?
OH, we also have used an algaecide.

It takes time it doesn’t just magically disappear, The filter has to run to clean the algae out, it might take a few days and you will most likely need to clean it frequently as it will clog up fast and the flow will be significantly reduced. It’s not really advisable to swim in it, high levels of algae are typically considered a health hazard.

If your pump is a wall plug in type make sure it is connected to a GFI protected outlet. Aside from the algae it should be be safe to use the pool while the pump is running, but of course I have no idea for the reasoning behind the pool manufacturers instructions other than 100% safety for the users, in particular children. If their hair got pulled into the inlet would they be able to escape or would they drown?

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Pool Chemicals

pool chemicals
What can I use in my swimming pool to increase pH level & alkalinity? Do I have to use actual pool chemicals?

I’ve heard people say you can use baking soda and regular chlorine bleach. I’m not sure which works for pH and/or alkalinity, though.

Raise alkalinity with sodium bicarbonate. Adjust it first, then tweak the pH with soda ash. To lower either one use acid. Muriatic (dilute hydrochloric) is most common. But dry acid is also used. Chlorine is for sanitizing and oxidizing. Before you start dosing your pool with bleach have the calcium hardness checked. If it is too high you might cause the calcium to drop out of solution and stick to the walls/piping/filter/etc. You can create some difficulties for yourself unknowingly by changing suddenly.

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