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Pool Maintenance Algae

pool maintenance algae
Pool Care – Keep your pool and have to remove lime scale and algae?

How do you remove stains of algae from the pool after it is empty? I called the pool company and they told me to apply again & off spot after full pool. Is there a cheaper way to go from household cleaners? In addition, it is a good way to remove calcium mosaic? I have a plaster pool on the question of whether to fiberglass or vinyl-response.

We leave the swimming pool on the Spring and scrubbing tiles and plaster – is hard work, but ultimately fluffy. We use packets of powdered Power More Leslie to save pool and get a bucket and brooms and gloves and go to town. We have seen amazing 20,000 gallons pool after a weekend of work! Fit music and have fun – you swim in a very short Time!

Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Remove Algae