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Pool Maintenance Algaecide

pool maintenance algaecide
Algaecide is the same as chlorine?

I live with my girlfriend mother, who has a pool. The company purchases and uses maintenance algaecide pool. They shocked the pool with her, and every week or two. Recently I've started to learn other things such as balance pH, alkalinity, and "stabilizer" (to be published on our test strip. You do not know what stabilizer.) Is it appropriate to use algaecide instead of chlorine? How can I learn more about the science of proper maintenance of the pool? I want to know who does what and why, and if you please tell me do not speak a pool store owner, I have access to the Internet, more than likely will give me an education without bias (as a shop owner, I recently talked opposition that said simply: "Buy a lot of our products and add the four times the amount recommended by the command. "

used to scum on a pond algaecide to grow again by water. It is essentially a work of murderers, as, what you spray on your garden – but also for water.

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Pool Maintenance Algae

pool maintenance algae
Pool Care – Keep your pool and have to remove lime scale and algae?

How do you remove stains of algae from the pool after it is empty? I called the pool company and they told me to apply again & off spot after full pool. Is there a cheaper way to go from household cleaners? In addition, it is a good way to remove calcium mosaic? I have a plaster pool on the question of whether to fiberglass or vinyl-response.

We leave the swimming pool on the Spring and scrubbing tiles and plaster – is hard work, but ultimately fluffy. We use packets of powdered Power More Leslie to save pool and get a bucket and brooms and gloves and go to town. We have seen amazing 20,000 gallons pool after a weekend of work! Fit music and have fun – you swim in a very short Time!

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