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Pool Maintenance Business

pool maintenance business
The owner of a community, apt 30 buildings, with the total gas bill / water and divide between tenants?

I live in a community with 30 + different apt buildings. I was informed that my landlord pays gas bill and water bill for the whole community. I was informed that there is a water meter and a gas meter is charged, the owner of the account per month. Then pass the bill paid monthly (now mind you, the community – including the Pool, laundry areas to pay the maintenance area and office) among the residents. I was advised that they take the total number of occupants in the building and the Area Total unit rental apartment and find the amount calculated for each apartment. Can they do that? Is it legal? Tenants have rights to do so?

Of course he can. If you disagree, do not rent there.

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Pool Maintenance Business Plan

pool maintenance business plan
How do I write an effective HARDSHIP LETTER to my homeowner’s association so that the will stop levying fines?

Our homeowner association is levying fines of $480.00 or more on us homeowners that have not “completed and submitted” to the board of directors..our completed backyard plans. We were supposed to have completed our yards and submitted these completed docs and pics 9 months after moving in, ….. but we own our own business ( a pool maintenance company)…and with times being so tough, and after losing MANY of our good customers to forclosures, and such, we just do not have the money to complete the yard, or pay these fines (which by the way, they are really racking up on the homeowners.). We are just trying to stay IN OUR HOME, let alone pay all these fines….isn’t there some CONSUMER PROTECTION for us homeowners (re contract or not!) ??

What exactly does “levying fines” mean? Have they taken you to court and got a judgment? If not there is not much they can do. I would tell them to kiss my big butt and get a life. If they try to enforce the contract if you have one they have to take it to court and that is expensive for them as well as you. I bet you are not the only homeowners having problems. Talk to your neighbors. The homeowners association is only there because people wanted it. If they are overstepping their bounds do something about it.

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