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Pool Maintenance Costs

pool maintenance costs
We just bought a house with an above ground pool .. The costs of maintenance?

We just bought a house with a pool above ground (I think it is a 15 x 30 feet) and I was wondering what to expect maintenance to do this summer? I know there are chemicals that are added and hold regularly levels (chlorine, pH, algicide) checks, but other chemicals, is what it costs us a lot of money for maintenance? We bought a Pool cleaner waste, so we have no time cleaning by hand, and I am now buying chemicals, there is nothing I'm missing? The former owner of the house has come today around the pump and so on put together, but I'm curious to see the answers here, so I know what need to ask.

You need a pH test kit. Once the test kit and water every day (it comes with booklet), you will know exactly what needs to be added to water.

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