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Pool Maintenance Expenses

pool maintenance expenses
Any volunteer cycle mechanics/enthusiasts for non-profit group in London?

Evening, all.

I work as a volunteer mechanic with a cycling-promotion organisation called Pedal Power London (our web site is at http://www.pedalpowerlondon.org/). We’ve just moved into new, bigger workshop premises off Shepherd’s Bush and we’re looking to expand the sorts of services we offer: pool-bike schemes, ‘Dr Bike’ mobile cycle surgeries (where we visit companies, town halls, etc and repair people’s bikes for free) and cycle maintenance lessons.

Trouble is, our second mechanic has moved out of the area, so we’re down to one mechanic (me). Are there any keen cycle mechanics, or enthusiastic ‘amateurs’, who might be interested in doing maybe four hours (or a bit more!) a week, working on our stock of bikes to keep them on the road? We can cover travelling expenses, obviously.

Cheers, Jon.

wish i could help!

good luck

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Pool Maintenance Expense

pool maintenance expense
What kind of pool to buy or build? Fiberglass or concrete?

I live in Florida and do an add under-floor pool at our hotel. First like I realize that comes with a pool of cost, effort and responsibility, and I'm ready for them. I found two major parties, one for the glass fiber and concrete. In fact, they both use the same subcontractors for terrace housing and screen, and I am comfortable with any of them. I'm also aware of the fiberglass pool would be to install faster, but that does not concern me. Per square meter, the prices seem identical. Both look very good. I'm sure he There are advantages and disadvantages of each. But in Generally, what is the best pool for Florida account sustainability, maintenance, etc.?

Concrete basin seems that if you move the bottom, where a nightmare Fiberglass Repair stacked and left to fiberglass and try to atone for much better than a concrete repair I think I would paste Fiberglass

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