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Pool Maintenance Information

pool maintenance information
Can I do my own home pool maintenance?

I’m a soon to be first time home owner with an in ground pool. I’m no slouch, I can soak up information and dedicate a good amount of time to this…if it’s worth it. So is this something an average person can do? Or is this best left to a pro?

It can be an easy task. Find a pool supply store and take the measurements to them. They want your business and most are more than happy to give you all the info you need to successfully do your own maintenance. They will also test your water free and tell you what chemicals you need.

Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance Info

pool maintenance info
how about a bath tub …?

I have a hot bath, which gave me and I have never heard so I have some quesion about .. Are they high maintenance costs? I can put inside? Hwo do I take care of it? It makes up your electricity bill? I need to use a shock treatment, as you do with a pool? and any other information would be awesome! Thanks

Assuming you have a lid on it, it does not not high maintenance costs. You can put it inside but preparation the moisture and the damage that can be done at home after. If the room is tiled, you risk damage to your drywall because of the humidity from the spa. Your electricity bill will depend on how often / how long you use it. No need, it's not as shocking a pool. We keep a container or bromine float in our Bad all the time. To clean it, empty the bathtub and give it a good scrub with baking soda and fill clear. How often do you clean again depends on how much you use it and when you smell oil on the water. Bear goes for a long time between washings because we do not use oils and it is not widespread, except for cold weather.

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