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Pool Maintenance Man

pool maintenance man
Ladies I need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dating Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Ok I work at a pool and there is this lifegaurd (I’m not a lifegaurd, I’m a maintenance man.) Well everytime she catches my eye she gives me this little grin. I have talked to her a couple of times durning break, but I want to get to know her more. should I ask her If she wants to do something after work, or is it to early?

ild ask her out it couldnt hurt dont make it seem like a ‘date ‘ just say hey if you arent doin any thing after wrk you wanna go catch a movie or ask her if she wants to go out for like a burger or something i know it sounds old school but hey it couldnt hurt even if she has a boyfriend it is just among friends and if u dont know if she is involved with anyone you could ask before hand but make it sound like a joke so u dont sound worried say some thing like ‘now i dont have to worry about your boyfriend pounding me for stealing you for the afternoon do i?’ and laugh..hope it helps


Pool Maintenance Manual

pool maintenance manual
Where is the wiring diagram for Hayward Super Pump 3 / 4 hp pool pump?

I bought a SP2605X7 HAYWARD Super Pump 3/4HP Pool Pump. It can still be used be either a 115V or 230VAC line, replacing the one I posted using 115V. The pump is now pre-configured for 230 and a sticker on the side says: ". use 115V, see maintenance instructions for electric configuration" The problem is that I can not find, the service manual online anywhere. I need the electrical configuration so I can wire the pump with the existing 115V line to work. Can someone help me?

The scheme is on the label (I believe it is white) on the motor.

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