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Pool Maintenance Quote

pool maintenance quote
Pool personal care?

I am a new owner of a pool. The pool maintenance man quoted me $ 125/mo they provide. I will myself to do to save money. T Anyone know how?

First check all the pool water regularly and add chemicals to all the water balance. When it rains, chemicals in tap water. But even if it does not rain, the water must be checked to ensure that it was not from the Whack. You may also need to add to water in the pool, to keep it at the appropriate level. Second, clean the pool from dirt and debris. Pollution such as dirt, pollen, bacteria, dust and leaves into the pool from the Fed winds. Bather sun cream, sweat, urine and viruses in water. The pump removed most of the suspended particles and should therefore run for six to eight hours per day. In fact, most pumps a timer to ensure the pump cycle checks that all Water is filtered. Even still, the pollution on the pelvic floor and the walls are not filtered. To clean the rest of the pool pump can not handle, brush walls and Bottom of the pool once a week with a hard brush. After dirt and other particles from floors and walls to settle, vacuum the pool floor. Then wash the filter. (Your Filter should have a setting called "wash" and instructions to help you complete this procedure.)

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