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Pool Maintenance Job Description

pool maintenance job description
My boss for help. How do I get up and ask for more money?

It all started with my wife to work as a manager an apartment complex about 4 months ago. We learn that pay rent and a salary of. We'd like to paint and decorate our apartment, we learn. We wrote a contract set out our job description, but in our calendar, niether of the owner or we have had time to sign it. Now I am adding all sorts of things to my list of maintenance tasks that have never discussed were. Formica floor, and for the next month I'm helping pull on the roof, a roof covering the old shingles and roof terrace … I'm not paid. And I still maintenance on the rest of the complex, do operate a commercial pool, and walk the property for trash … not to mention other manager functions.

Even with a job description, you will be asked to do so. One could say yes or no, depending on various things, but it's up to you to say, if You can not or will not do these things. If you do not want to do something, you say the roofers busy – so I would clear out building. If the soil is something that what the boss asks you to do directly, either say or do, they can not because you are busy but would you like a company need to worry about it. Or tell him that it's not something that you are both agreed, but you would be willing to do it for XXX dollars. He has the option of a new building get manager if they do not think you have done enough, but it hard to find good property managers. Of course, you can create a new job (as a manager at another building) but it can be difficult to find a good job. In any case, he is just trying to find additional work on your part can not really him accused of trying. You have to defend themselves, within reason, or simply as part of the work take over and do it.

So your an orca trainer? Now what?

Pool Maintenance Technician

pool maintenance technician
What is the average salary for on-site apartment manager? Guess my income! Go Ahead?

Ok … when my wife and I manage all maintenance a unit complex of 20 apartment 68 parking garages, a gymnasium, swimming pool and saunas. We paint pen, I know cons, if necessary Formica tops, flooring, paint, repairs, test clean landscaping, pressure washing, and wait for the pool, etc. My wife shows they rented units, background checks, accounting pour, rent, etc. .. We Are there free with a 2-bedroom apartment We are on call 24 / 7 … free electricity and internet, as well as the monthly salary. We have 3 children, a car, pretty average calculations and Take it on. We are working 90 + hours a week combined with a tag, if we are lucky. Guess our income …. Who knows what the average in Oregon Construction manager for the complex and little technology?

It's $ 19,000, without maintenance functions. So I think it is 28,000 $, plus a home for your work ..

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