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Pool Maintenance Vacuum

pool maintenance vacuum
How do I get my vacuum cleaner for my pool on the floor?

Our 18'x48 'above ground pool has recently been a greenish-yellow. I bought a shock treatment, and to this day. But there are things I need to empty the background, but I'm not sure where the hose from the pump. I wondered I clean the pump, or do I do the same? Im pretty much new everything so I need help with the maintenance part. Thank you

Go to your local pool store advice. They show you the parts you need and how to better communicate filtration as a description here. Regarding the filter you need, what type of agent will know will be used (cartridge, sand or DE) It's rare that you ever need to clean the pump, but it is a filter basket that large debris (leaves, small catch can-sticks, etc.) must be emptied and (should be a transparent window to determine, if necessary)

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