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Pool Products Direct

pool products direct
Accounting Assistant II-based system activities costing the average cost of the product?

Viruses Corporation provided the following data from the accounts of activity: activity cost pool activity, total cost $ 390,600 Assembly 25-200 hours of order processing machine 1800 $ 72 576 $ 130 494 1950 orders inspection inspection hours, the company produces T91H 242 units of product a year and requires 552 hours, 92 orders and 42-hour inspection per year. Direct material cost of the product $ 17.08 per unit and its direct labor costs $ 12.19 per unit. According to the accounting activity, the average cost of the product the T91H closest (not round intermediate calculations). Answer $ 76.24 per unit $ 79.96 per $ 29.27 $ 91.57 per unit per unit as a thank you 30 minutes on my questionnaire left, so if anyone can answer this, it will be much appreciated!

$ 91.57 per unit Sorry I'm late.

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