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Pool Maintenance

pool maintenance
What maintenance is required if I do NOT open my Anthony gunnite 25,000 gal pool? Can it harm the pool?

Due to illness in the family, I am not able to open my inground pool this summer in Northern New Jersey. Is there anything I should do for maintenance? Can it damage the pool by not opening and circulating the water?

I used to work for the only Anthony dealer here in southern Ontario, so I reckon I can help.
If the pool was closed correctly and equipment winterized properly , it’ll be fine. There are only 2 things to consider. What type of winter cover if any and the water underneath it.
If the cover is a poly tarp and water bag, just make sure all the bags are ok. Drain off as much water as you can from the top of the cover, as well as remove debris, if possible. The water is the bigger issue of the two. If the level gets up to your tile line before freeze over, it may crack some tiles. Check the water under the cover for Cl content. If it’s 0 then add a shock and re cover.
If the cover is what we call a “safety cover”, like a trampoline, then just do a pump out down to the returns again. Keeping the water clear in this case is difficult. It will likely go green, if it hasn’t already. Safety covers are porous and let a lot of stuff in. You best bet, is liquid chlorine a few times this summer, followed by a dose right at ice in. Break a hole in the ice if you have to. The results in spring will be worth it.
The Marbalite finnish won’t get hurt any more than in a normal operating cycle with the exception of the steps where you may notice more spider webbing (hairline cracks) or spalding (coin sized wafers of marbalite disloged). Normal, it will happen eventually in any Marbalite pool that has to be drained for winterizing. Californians and Floridians are lucky in that respect.
The pool walls may become more stained than usual, but that’s going to be two winters of staining, and to be expected. It WILL come clean next spring, just a little more work.
Hope all this helps. I miss working on Anthony DE filters, they are, in my opinion the best out there. Unfortunately the Dealer I worked for, went under, there are only 3 guys in Ontario left that know the pools or the systems and we rarely get to see one anymore. Most have been retrofitted with Hayward or worse junk.

Pool Chemicals Grocery

pool chemicals grocery
If no pool shock, what else will help?

I have an above ground pool that holds about 6000 gallons of water. Im having problems with my car and I live in teh country so I have a problem getting to the store for chemicals. I just cleaned and filled my pool and just as I was filling it the rain started coming down hard and now its already green. Is there anything that I can buy at the local grocery store or hardware store that can help?

Can I put non-chlorine bleach in it? Will that help and is it safe? (bleach for clothes) Any advice would be great. Especailly since my biggest problem is green water! every 3 days or so it starts turning green. Then when I do get to shock it, the water turns cloudy white or blueish white.

so again big question..Can I put bleach (for the laundry) in my pool?

Yes you can and it’s perfectly safe. I’m sorry that David answered the question as he did because baking soda is a perfectly fine chemical to use for increasing the alkalinity of the pool. In fact it’s the exact same thing that the pool store sells, except the baking soda is purer and far less expensive.

1 gallon of household bleach (non scented) will add approximately 8ppm of chlorine to your pool. Depending on the levels of the other chemistry in the water (alkalinity, hardness, pH) you may need to add more. I would recommend going with a gallon and a half first thing in 6,000 gallons of algae laden water.

When you can take a sample of pool water to your local pool store and have them test for the following:
Total chlorine
Free chlorine
Combined chlorine
Cyanuric acid
Total dissolved solids

Bring the results back without purchasing anything from them at this time and send me the results at robandliz1992@yahoo.com and I’ll put you on a maintenance schedule tailored for your pool that will keep it pristine for the rest of the season.

But for now, go ahead and add in the gallon and a half of bleach while the filter is running. Brush the sides and bottom of the pool if you have a pool brush, if not don’t worry about it. This chlorine addition is an emergency measure only and will burn out of the pool in less than 24 hours so you will need to add more tonight.

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Pool Chemicals Acid

pool chemicals acid
I have alot of black algae on the walls of my pool. What is the easiest and least expensive way to get rid of?

it? chemicals? drain and acid wash? anything else??/

You need to shock it with pool chemicals.

Depending on whether you have vinyl or cement walls, which you didn’t state if you have above or inground, then if you have cement, then you can add a few gallons of bleach.

After a few hours, brush the walls down.
Let it settle.
Vacuum it up and then backwash.

Keep your chemicals in check afterwards.
Add algecide.



Pool Maintenance Contract

pool maintenance contract
Should house rental be cheaper if non fixable AC is broken before moving in?

I found a nice 3 bedroom house for 2,100 with pool. But does not include pool maintenance and gardener, which is an extra 120.00. So I agree to rent it out, signed contract and paid 2,000 deposit, but owner had me wait 2 weeks before I move in and have final walk through. So a week before we’re going to move in, owner calls and say AC is broken, and will not fix it if it cost over 1,000k, plus will NOT consider lowering the rent. The owner said if it was under 1,000k then she will go ahead and fix it. I need AC because it’s freakin hot out here in So Cal. She also stated that under law she does not need to lower rent if AC is broken. I found it misleading because in the craigslist posting, owner did not mention anything about garden and pool maintenance, also said there was AC included!

Also shouldn’t the broken AC come out of deposit from previous renters?

You would think that if the broken AC was the fault of the previous renters it would def. come out of their security deposit. There is no reason to penalize you, that is nonsense. See if you can find a renter’s advocacy group in your area and give them a call, they can usually advise you on stuff like this for free.

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Pool Maintenance Forums

pool maintenance forums
CCNA Exam Update. Please HELP?


I am appearing for my CCNA exam on 21st. I read somewhere in a forum that whenever the Pearson VUE sites goes under maintenance, new questions are added to the CCNA pool. Currently Pearson VUE site is under maintenance. Is the information of the forum true?

Can anyone also tell me if the test engine of cisco is web based which is operated the Pearson VUE or is it a kind of desktop application or something else?

Please answer ASAP.

Thank in Advance

Pearson VUE offers innovative computer-based testing solutions through secure, electronic test delivery. Pearson VUE provides licensure and certification. It is myth that site goes under maintenance n bla bla. CCNA questions are different every time exam. so its better don’t think about it n prepare for ur exam.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Test Kits

swimming pool chemicals test kits
chemical buildup in pool?

So this afternoon I was swimming at my health club when the guy came in to test the water. He scooped some up in a container, did the test, and then poured it down the drain. Then he went and used the same container to test from the hot tub without rinsing it first.

I told him that it’s probably toxic and he should rinse it first. I’ve never had my own pool before, but I have aquariums, and the testing kits for that certainly aren’t inert. His response was “if it was toxic I’d be required to wear gloves”

After he left, I went and looked in the maintenance book, which is available for anyone to look in, and what he tested for was PH and BR.

My question is, what chemicals are used to test for those things? How toxic are they? And do they build up in the body?

I’m pretty peeved, because this is a swimming pool after all, and people are bound to get water in their eyes, nose and mouth.

i’m not sure about BR. PH is a measure of the acidity of a substance. The scale goes from 1-14 (or thereabouts) a PH of 7 is neutral, which means it isn’t acidic.
Anything below 7 is acidic and the smaller the number the more acidic it is. anything above 7 is basic and higher number… more basic.

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Pool Chemicals Leslie

pool chemicals leslie
Which pool store is correct? Leslie’s Pool Supply or Pinch-A-Penny ??

Leslie’s tells me NOT to use the Liquid Chlorine (for Shock) because it is like 25 lbs. of Salt…They told me that my pool was too concentrated with chemicals and that I need to drain 2 feet from my pool and add 2 feet of CLEAN water back in and then re-test the water. Leslie’s Pool tells me to use the Chlorine Tablets and that here in Florida, we are the only state that even sells Liquid Chlorine in 2.5 Gallon re-fillable jugs…They told me everywhere else they sell it only in 1 gallon bottles (non-reusable bottles)

Pinch A Penny told me that Leslies in incorrect regarding the liquid chlorine and that Liquid Chlorine is indeed BETTER then the Chlorine Tablets (for shock)

Any pool experts willing to chime on in?

Thanks in advance!!!

Each form as it’s advantages and disadvantages. Liquid shock, while easy to apply, does have a relatively short shelf life and a high salt content. (I don’t recall the exact figure.) Powdered shock treatments (the most popular being some form of calcium hypochlorite), does have a longer shelf life and a much higher chlorine content (about 12% available chlorine for liquid vs. 65-75% for cal hypo.) I prefer using the cal hypo myself; there are those in my group (see below) who swear by liquid (part of what’s known as the “BBB” method.) I don’t share that opinion, but that’s just what it is: only my opinion. It’s really a matter of what you find works best for you.

As far as draining and refilling part of the water, the most common reason for that (or what Leslie’s is probably trying to describe) is a high TDS level (total dissolved solids). The salt content in the liquid will help contribute to that number, but then again, so will the calcium in the cal hypo over time. Anything added to the pool will increase the TDS in time, and will eventually need to be lowered by draining and refilling part of the water. Water added through evaporation won’t do it, since when the water evaporates, it leaves solids behind, so the concentraion in the pool stays the same even after new water is added.

As far as the liquid in 1-gallon jugs, that is the way we sell it in the Northeast, but it is available ito the trade in 5-gallon carboys (haven’t seen it available to the public that way, but I couldn’t swear that it isn’t..)

Pool Maintenance San Diego

pool maintenance san diego
What are some nice apartment/condos in San Diego?

Can anyone tell me what some nice apartment or condo complexes are in San Diego? By “nice” I mean clean, quite, safe, appliances work, maintenance is good etc… I am looking at the La Jolla and Pacific Beach area. I wouldnt mind living in a community with a pool and spa and fitness center, etc, but it’s not a necessity. I would like to get a furnished unit with 3 bedrooms and not pay above $2,400 a month. There are loads of places on rent.com and apartments.com, but everything that looks decent has been rated terrible by current or former tennants. Can anyone give me some recommendations? Thanks.

Mission Valley has many condos for rent and for sale. Near the malls.
Clairmont also has a wide assortment, which is just north and covers the area between I5 and 163.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Blue

swimming pool chemicals blue
Swimming Pool Question?

I am a new pool owner this summer. Here is how I have been taking care of my pool and then I have one question maybe someone can help me with. Once a week on Sunday night I super shock the pool, add algaecide and clearifier. The next morning after doing chemicals, we vacume the pool since the chemicals gather the small particals to the floor. Everyday I test the water and most of the time the PH is perfect and I don’t have to do anything. But when it is off when I test it with the test strip, I add the PH plus that evening. I have never had any signs of algae or cloudyness. Its blue, clear and sparkly! But heres the thing…when I test the water everyday, the Free Chlorine (FC)/Bromine is always the color that shows 0/0. And its suppose to be pink which shows 1/2 to 2/4 that is in the ideal range. Im not sure why it never registers that I have any Chlorine (FC). Like I said we don’t have ANY pool problems so should I add something or just leave it alone!!?? Thanks!

You probably don’t neet to use algaecide and clarifier so often, I only use them once a year at opening, and use chlorine and soda ash (to raise pH) the rest of the season.

What are you shocking the water with? If you are using Bromine, you will have no free chlorine. You might need a different test kit. But if you are using chlorine, maybe it none of it is free, all of it is bound? If your water is clear and you are not growing algae, maybe it’s not a problem.

Your pool store may offer free water evaluation if you take them a water sample. It might bne interesting to see what they say.

5 Keys to Pool Care – 5. Pool Water Chemistry, ParPools.com