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Pool Maintenance Backwash

pool maintenance backwash
why is my pool green? Chlorine level is way to high, but everything else that I can test is ok. ?

I did do pool maintenance yesterday, such as: backwash, shock, all clear,and vacuum,and not all at the same time. Also when I vacuumed this time, there seemed to be more debris, leaves and such from some storms we’ve had recently, the water was fairly clear till then.

Have your water tested for phosphates. Also run your pumps for 24 hours and keep the chlorine high (5-10ppm) until it clears. Put some algaecide in, keep backwashing and brushing the sides and walls.

Swimming Pool Backwash Gun

Pool Maintenance Hth

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Someone knows something about the use of D-chlorine shock a vinyl pool?

Has been consulting with the hotel maintenance man in Orlando and would Lower levels increase faster than other oxidants, which exposes the pool earlier. It is should be approved for home pools by the Department of Health of the City of Orlando I appreciate you to click. much less than for other use or purpose HTH.

not really

Hth Pool Chemicals Chlorine

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How long does HTH chlorine granuals stay good?

I was cleaning out my old shed and found a 20lb bucket of HTH chlorine powder from when I had a pool over ten years ago. It is in the original container with the lid on tight. Is this still good? If not is there any hazardous chemical guidelines to follow to throw it away?

look at the expiration date most of the time this is just a guideline for how long it works the best and is at full strength (not oxidized) you can still use it it just wont work as well.

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