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Pool Chemicals Reactions

pool chemicals reactions
Public pool chemical reactions?

We just started another swimming unit in my gym class. This is the second one this year. Last time and this time I’ve gotten headaches, fevers, burning eyes (I know that’s normal) and everytime we’ve swam my friends say I’m purple and when I look at my hands they are purple. I don’t think its the lighting because no one else looks like that. I also get very warn and itchy. Anyone have an answer??

Public pools no matter if they are in schools, hotels, or health clubs are usually maintained with a higher dose of each chemical. The reason being is they will tend to have a higher bath load or in other terms people that use the pool each day. By using the higher dose with so many people you don’t have to do as much maintenance and the pool stays sanitized longer. Now chlorine is known to have chemical reactions such as people with blond hair will come out with a green tint to the hair. As far as purple on the skin, purple tends to come from chlorine reacting with things such as hydrogen peroxide for example. I would suggest looking at any lotions, makeup or other products that you may apply regularly or before swimming that may be giving you the reaction when they come in contact with chlorine, and try swimming without those items on or taking a good rinse shower first. Warm and itchy is usually signs of a chemical reaction or I hate to say it but the same feeling you get from a chemical burn, which I’ve had my fair share of after working around pools for so many years, My guess is the purple skin is just a chemical reaction which will give you discomfort, but it may also be possible you have an allergy and the higher dose of chemicals in the public pool is heightening that allergy, so be sure to check with your doctor if it continues.

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