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Redken Heat Protector Reviews

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So, my hair, it's back in order?

I have already posted the question, I am damaging my hair and I had mixed reviews. People have told me that I take care of my hair really well said answers, and then others to me, I damaged my hair! So like I said, I use Redken, Herbal Essences and Cat Walk, I did every night. I wash my hair every night. I was told that I wash my hair every other night. I have never split ends. My hair cut every 6 weeks. I set curl hair or 5 times a week. I always use a thermal protector. So all I change my routine? Should I start to wash every other Day? (Do not offer all three days, it is too fat)

Chill the shampoo on your hair does not matter as much as air conditioners that use the state of each Time to wash if you do not need to wash your hair every other day .. Now adays shampoos are very gentle to hair .. So always wash when it is necessary i wash daily

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Redken Heat Protector

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Redken hot sets 22 or i guess and heat protector spray question?

Ok r u suppose to put it on and then let it dry before you use a flat iron or curling iron??? Cuz today i put it on my bangs and then immediately straightened them and it made a sizzling sound, didnt sound too healthy lol. So am I suppose to wait or not, does it matter??? If so how long

yeah dont ever straighten your hair while its any type of wet or damp it frys it really bad and its really bad for your hair, wait for whatever product you put in it to dry first

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