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Pool Products Review

pool products review
Going Swimming after having a baby and lactation?

So, I’m going to be having a baby about the start of July. I know I’m gonna have to wait a while after the baby comes, for my body to heal up some. My question is, What can I do about the milk that runneth over? With my first boy, anytime I got a shower or even took off my nursing bra, it was like free flowing milk. How can I contain this during the summer? I don’t want to go to the pool, dribbling milk all over. But also, I don’t want to take my newbie or a breastpump to the pool either. (Ugh, how would I even keep the milk in the heat?)
I’ve seen a few products that are like silcon covers, that fit over the breast to help prevent leakage. Has anyone tried these type of things for swimming? I don’t trust company product reviews, of course their product is the best and flawless, etc.
I haven’t put on much weight this pregancy, and I’m excited to try in keep up the trend for after the baby. Any kind of positive advice or reveiws you could give are deeply welcomed!!

I bought some of the silicone shells that collect leaking breast milk. They are the perforated ones. (they have holes at the top to allow air flow to the nipples) and whenever I bent over to pick something up, all the collected milk came gushing out of the top and through my clothes onto the floor! If you are going to use some, get the non perforated ones.

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Pool Maintenance Troubleshooting

pool maintenance troubleshooting
Pool Maintenance Troubleshooting?

We haven’t been able to use our above ground pool for 2 days due to weather. It was covered during that time. I didn’t run the pump (call me stupid…). Anyway, I took the cover off today, planning to test the water and let the kids swim. The sides of the pool and the rafts had a slimy feel. The water is crystal clear, and there isn’t anything floating in the water (except the random bug or leaf that blows in). Is this an algae problem or what? What can I do for it? I have shocked it and have run the pump pretty much all day. Should I let it go all night and then check it again in the morning? I have also wiped down the sides and bottom of the pool with my sponge mop? What else can I do?

Keep pump running scrub down with soft brush,check Ph.It sounds like algae precursors.

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Heat Project Cheat

heat project cheat
is it possible to make your own electric kettle?

i will make something kind of an electric kettle/ purifier for my project
it kinda looks like this: http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/9812/75964487.png

i have taken apart an electric kettle to get the heating element (that looks like this: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/268404985/stainless_steel_heater_for_kettle.html ) and the thermostats ( http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/287693706/water_ketttle_thermostats_KST168_T.html ) but i don’t know how to put it together,

i also want to ask,
what is a good container for the “kettle” can i use PVC plastic containers?
what metal can use as my case for the glass?
is Pyrex advisable as the glass inside the case?

i didn’t want to use an electric kettle from the market cause i feel like i’m cheating
and please don’t answer for the sake of 2 points!

“Real world” engineers always take advantage of prior art. If you can buy a kettle commercially that will do the job, buy it. Then, you can give your full attention to the unique parts of your project.

It’s not cheating. You should avoid “re-inventing the wheel” whenever you can.

That’s not what you asked. But it’s the best advice I can give.

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Pool Maintenance Ph

pool maintenance ph
Maintenance of newly converted salt water pool?

We have just had our pool pebblecreted and converted to salt water. In addition, we have had the Zodiac Tri Chlorine Generator and Ph upgrade system installed. Prior to this conversion we had a marblesheen/lite chlorine pool. I am finding it hard to believe that the maintenance is so minimal on this pool with the new system, and am hoping that I am not forgetting anything. I get the pool water tested every fortnight (summer) and just add what the report tells me to. Apart from leaf and debris removal I do nothing to the pool now. It completely runs itself. Am I forgetting something??? It seems too easy!

Pools have great new stuff and with them come more problems. If you don’t have hard water then you should be ok for a long time, if you do your chlorine gen. will be the first to act up, PH is the big dog in the pool so take care of that 1st and get a good salt/test kit, water to hot or cold and it won’t make chlorine. Pool company’s are in sales they may have left some news you can use out so read everything on each equipment installed, good luck

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Free Pool Maintenance Info

free pool maintenance info
Are there any adult retirement communities (individual homes) in the Savannah, GA region?

We are looking for individual homes, maintenance-free in a community with a pool, classes, etc. for age 55 and above. Also need info on the same in Beaufort, SC.

Yeah, about 8,500 homes available in those two counties alone for elders. Sun City on HHI, plus all the sea islands…call a realtor (email 4 contact).

Pool Service Gainesville GA

Pool Maintenance Tips

pool maintenance tips
thinking in getting an above ground swimming pool?

Hey everyone,

I live in the Salt Lake area and I just recently bought a house with a huge back yard. I always wanted a swimming pool ‘cos I enjoy water activities. My best option right now is to have an above ground 20’ round x 52″ high. due to space and money reasons. My question to everyone is if you ever had one what do you do for maintenance, do you emptied it before winter and re-fill back on spring? Anyway any tips that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

For maintenance, have a chlorinator installed in the lines or buy a floating chlorine dispenser and have pucks going in it all the time. Shock with a liquid chlorine shock once a week. Buy test strips to monitor the pH and alkalinity levels regularly. Buy a hand vacuum that attaches to the skimmer with a hose so that you can vacuum up debris in the bottom of it. Buy a handheld leaf skimmer to skim leaves and debris off the top of the water.

Do not fully empty it in the winter. Just empty it below the jets. There are other winterizing procedures too, such as putting expandable plugs in the lines and adding line antifreeze and algaecide. You will also need a winter pool cover.

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