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Pool Maintenance Opening

pool maintenance opening
I live in a KMC mobile home park. Maintenance is awful. What can I do? It’s embarrassing.?

Six years ago I picked this park because it was the neatest of more than fifty mobile home parks. It has changed management several times. Each time it looks alittle worse. Unoccupied lots are unkept, trees are laying on a lot of roofs, the pool is almost never open because its green (its obviously not maintained), Unsupervised children play in the streets and on post office station. This is just a few of my complaints. We have started looking to move.

Does the park have a policy for maintenance. Did they tell you when you moved in that they would maintain the park and conduct improvements. Or did they promise nothing. Do you have running water, electricity, and garbage pickup that is reliable? This is what you do, add up the amount of space rent that you pay and multiply it by how many other spaces there are in the park. Calculate the total and figure out how much the park makes in profit. For instance a home that rents for $800 would have a space rent from $300 to $400. This is the profit that the park makes. Ues it against them, they are obviously making money there, and they are not holding up there obligation of the deal. You use a video camera and take footage of the areas that are of concern to you, like unsafe conditions and unmaintained areas. Then you upload the footage to the website YOUTUBE, and label the video Third world country in America does happen. That is how you get the exposure out there. You need to embarass the owners of the park, and then mabye they will do something about it.
It sounds like the management there at the park is LAZY.

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