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Ez Chemicals

ez chemicals
can anyone give me chemical changes that you can see happening around the house every day?

i need 10 things that are ez and middle school level. if you can, plz tell me if a bruise is a chemical change. thx a lot.

A chemical change shows a color change or gas given off or a precipitate formed or alot of heat given off.

toasting bread
cooking an egg
cooking meat
alkaseltzer in water
fading of curtains in sunlight
perming of hair
digestion in the stomach
baking soda and vinegar
baking bread(the structure hardening
and the rising of the bread
peroxide on a wound releasing oxygen gas
fruit ripening
burning a candle

a bruise is a collection of blood, but as the bruise heals and it changes color as the blood is taken away it would be a chemical change

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