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Pool Maintenance Water

pool maintenance water
Do you think how much it cost to build a swimming pool for family and how much it’s maintenance cost a month?

Do you think how much it will cost to build a small swimming pool for family and how much it’s maintenance will cost. How often the water in the pool should be change if it is just going to be use by a family? I saw in some resorts , they throw chlorine in the pool after using it but im wondering how often they change the water in the pool
Im from Philippines anyway so maybe the cost of maintenance vary too in every country???

Well… relatively speaking, i dont know the currency system and how it works where you are.

It all depends on what type of pool you want. I know you live in the Philippines and i dont know the currency system there… But in the US you can go really cheap for an inground pool for probably 20000. and for the more extravagant anywhere from 40000 or more. But if you want just a standard basic pool for family, you might be better off with a regular above ground pool if you can get them there. The cost will be alot cheaper, and speaking as to water….. you dont need to change your water much at all. Resorts and other Commercial pools are subject to health regulations which mean they are REQUIRED to change the water at certain points and times of the year. Always remember that you will lose water to evaporation, and splashing and people getting out of the pool etc, So you will always be filling it to keep the water level where it needs to bee, you are in effect changingthe water, just at a much slower rate.

In the US especially here in the northeast and other colder climates, you drain the pool anywhere from 18-36 inches for the closing anyways, and when you fill it up in the spring you have just changed over a good amount of the water. This also helps to control some chemical issues…

As for maintenance…. Your normal maintenance will be Chlorine Shock once a week, or every 2 weeks depending on use, anywhere from 2-3 pounds of granular shock, or 2-3 gallons of liquid , whichever you use. 1 gallon of liquid is equivalent to 1 pound of granular. you are going to need chlorine tablets or sticks, to put in your skimmer, to keep your chlorine level stable. and you will have to adjust PH levels accordingly.. Other than that, there isnt much maintenance that needs to be done… MAybe every 2-3 months you might want to have a water sample taken again though… i dont know how common a swimming pool store in the philipphines are….

Hope this info helps.

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Saltwater Pool Maintenance Chlorine Generator

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Is ozone generators in a pool worth it and a lot less maintenance?

We’re getting a pool built with a saltwater chlorination system, and I’m reading all of this bad press about chlorine entering through your skin and being bad for you and now I’m wondering if I should have gotten the ozone option too. I’m assuming I could add it later maybe too. Is swimming in chlorinated pools really that bad?

Chlorine is toxic, that is why it is used to kill germs in a pool. the amounts used should be okay for most people.

Ozone is toxic, that is why it is used to kill germs in a pool.

Which has been used the most and works best?

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