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Pool Chemicals Cheap

pool chemicals cheap
My pools water is rusty and brown, how do I clear it up? PLEASE help!?

I recently bought a little pool (103in. x 69in. x 22in.) for my 2 year old daughter to swim in. **It didn’t come with a filter** It is just a cheap $20 inflatable pool. I live in the country and have well water, the water is really rusty and brown…I know it is probably because of the minerals in the water but i’m concerned to put any chemicals such as Metal Out in the water because I don’t want it to harm my daughter. That and i’m really not to sure on how much to use in such a small pool. I’m desperate, she wants to get in it so bad! Could someone please help me!!!

You probably have water high in iron. This is very common with well water. If you have a water softener in your house, you can fill the pool with softened water. The only other option is to use a metal sequestrant, like Metal Out. These are completely harmless, but I know you won’t believe this.

So, if you don’t want to use a sequestrant, your options are softened water or no pool.

Balancing Your Pool Water

Pool Products Stores

pool products stores
will i receive a refund from store on a easy set pool after 5days? Please Answer, 10 points!?

Hi all,
loong story cut short, bought easy up pool 3days ago, laid it on level concrete, filled it up and 3/4 full there was water coming out from where the filter hose goes. It took over 2 days to fill, so only noticed the leak when it was filled up alot! I will now begin the process of emptying it out. What should i do next? Will i be entitled to my money back? I do have the receipt and it does say 28 day money back gaureented (on products unused!) but how was i supposed to know this until i had it almost filled! Is the shop under obligation? Thank you so much for your answers on this one! 10 poiints to the best answer!!

They should refund you upon return, but I would ring them, after all they do say 28 days.
It sounds to me like a simple connection problem and there may be an easy fix.

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Pool Products Store

pool products store
Help cute party outfit for teen party?

Is this a cute outfit for a party. My crush is gonna be their and i want to loook really beautiful. LoL Shirt http://shop.pacsun.com/girls/girls-long-sleeve-tees/Trigger-Hooded-Henley/index.pro Pants: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/store/product. jsp? FOLDER <> folder_id = 2534374302028387 & PRODUCT <> prd_id = 845524442182000 = 1217607673747 & bmUID Shoes http://www.journeys.com/catalog_detail.aspx?c=vendors&s=girls/Converse&id=4386 I was thinking of wear this: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/store/product.jsp?FOLDER <> folder_id = 2534374302028580 & PRODUCT <> prd_id = 845524442178394 = 1217607738706 & bmUID or i shouldn't? thank yoou. the party is gonna be like a pool party and have dj

personally, I think you should go nude.

The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur 2010 ( Swimming Pool )

Cheap Pool Chemicals

cheap pool chemicals
Chemicals for an Above Ground Pool?

I have just purchased and installed a used 18′ x 48″ above ground pool and have no idea what chemicals I need to put in it. The easiest and cheapest way possible would be appreciated and if you could tell me exactly what I need to get would be great!!

Most pool stores will test your water for you so just get a clean container with a lid that seals and take it in. Try to get down as far as you can for the sample. They’ll tell you what you need. You can buy it there or at WalMart, or BJ’s where you’ll, most likely, get a better price! Good luck!

SwimSafe Pool Tile Cleaner by SwimSafeSolutions.com

Heat Protection

heat protection
Est-ce normal si la vapeur vient de mes cheveux quand je utiliser un spray de protection thermique avant que je le redresser?

J'ai été en utilisant un spray de protection thermique récents à cause de mon endommagé cheveux. Mais, lorsque le produit i elle que de renforcer la vapeur / fumées sort est-ce normal ou dois-je obtenir une pulvérisation différentes?

Il est parfaitement normal, cela signifie juste que le redresseur est en contact avec le spray. La protection contre la chaleur fait son travail et créant une barrière entre vos cheveux et le lisseur. Pas de soucis. Je ne vous inquiétez pas si vous n'avez pas utilisé un protecteur et vous remarqué de la fumée crachent de vos cheveux-qui ne serait pas bon

Space Shuttle Heat Protection – Last Flight of Spaceshuttle Columbia – BBC