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Pool Maintenance Contract

pool maintenance contract
Should house rental be cheaper if non fixable AC is broken before moving in?

I found a nice 3 bedroom house for 2,100 with pool. But does not include pool maintenance and gardener, which is an extra 120.00. So I agree to rent it out, signed contract and paid 2,000 deposit, but owner had me wait 2 weeks before I move in and have final walk through. So a week before we’re going to move in, owner calls and say AC is broken, and will not fix it if it cost over 1,000k, plus will NOT consider lowering the rent. The owner said if it was under 1,000k then she will go ahead and fix it. I need AC because it’s freakin hot out here in So Cal. She also stated that under law she does not need to lower rent if AC is broken. I found it misleading because in the craigslist posting, owner did not mention anything about garden and pool maintenance, also said there was AC included!

Also shouldn’t the broken AC come out of deposit from previous renters?

You would think that if the broken AC was the fault of the previous renters it would def. come out of their security deposit. There is no reason to penalize you, that is nonsense. See if you can find a renter’s advocacy group in your area and give them a call, they can usually advise you on stuff like this for free.

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Pool Chemicals Sales

pool chemicals sales
I just bought an above ground pool at a gargae sale. What chemicals do i add to it if any?

Its an above ground pool i think 12 feet wide by 3 feet deep. The pool did not come with a manual just a video that shows how to set it up. So im not sure if im suppose to add chemicals to it or not. How often should i do this?

For a pool that size all you should need to do is add a couple of cups of household bleach every few days. You can buy a test kit if you’d like to check on ph and such, but with an above ground pool that size, you’ll probably be adding water to it pretty regularly so I wouldn’t bother.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Hot Tub

swimming pool chemicals hot tub
why is it …..?

why is it that pregnant women can sit in their bath hot, steamy, but they can not go to a Spa? And when it cuz of chemicals, why they can swim in a pool? my dr. says I can take really hot baths, but can not go in a spa. my bathtub is hotter than most spas.

You're a doctor is not very intelligent … You should not be in a very hot bath. The warmth of the water can cause increased body temperature in a manner which can be hazardous to your baby.

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