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Swimming Pool Maintenance Prices

swimming pool maintenance prices
On the ground floor pool maintenance?

I think that something is wrong with the pool filter system. We were not able to the pool because of the cost to complete the conserve and, but the last time we had it going on, we noticed a problem with holding his own. I know nothing about maintaining a pool, but could you give me give advice on pollution control? And if there's anything wrong with the filter system … as if to check its broken or dirty or whatever, it's a way to repair?

You do not mention the type of filter. DE? Cartridge? Sand? You did not mention whether your water is balanced. If it does not then the filter not the filter is culprit.You only one part of maintaining a clean pool. He and all that I mention are also equal. When you do your type of filter in the comments , I will give you later come back and reflect change my answer to your particular type of filter and what to check for him or things to do. Tips? The secret to keep pool looking good and healthy bathing is actually quite simple. 1 / Filtration: Filtration equipment for the pool is specifically for the volume of your pool when it installed. It is designed to run on the pool water 1.5 times over a period of 24 hours. If you have a timer on your pump, you must have a duration of 18 hours per day Minimum. This will give you a ride over 1.0. All pool water flows through the filter and distributor of chlorine disinfectants (/ salt generator / ozonizer / or Brominator) once in a period of 24 hours. Nothing less than 18 hours and not all the water is filtered and disinfected, resulting in cloudy water and possibly higher costs for chemicals. Keep your filter list clean to maximize its flow rate. The best more water through simple, the lower the cost of electricity and chemistry be because the filter is working in that capacity. You do not mention your type of filter I can not be more precise. 2 / Balance of water: You must check You adjust the chemicals at least once a week and when required. Normally you want to see a total alkalinity of 80 -120, pH 7.2 to 7.6 and a C 1,0 -1,5 .. Do not ignore the TA. In fact, the most important thing to keep balance. If it is weak, this can damage the pool equipment and finishes bottom of the pool. If high it may cause scaling. For either high or low, it may also lead to other readings that go too crazy. Think of it as a governor of a Car engine. He is the patron saint of all the other chemicals in your pool. If set right you have not swinging wildly pH and Cl and the water is easier to control, to save money industrial chemical costs. 3 / Sanitation: Keep the pool clean. Organics such as leaves and branches absorb the chlorine and chloramines spit unnecessary, already in use. Fill your disinfectant at least once a week and make sure it will give you a constant reading of 1.0 to 1.5 Cl. This is the level of security for swimming, such as chlorine has little effect on you, but a lot of killing bacteria and algae. It's not that good. Is too low a dose for everything. It is pleasant to swimming and provide some protection. Do not skimp on the discs and buy the "stabilized" diversity. Read the label and make sure it is "stabilized". It is important because it is a chemical called cyanuric acid is stabilized disks, which can sort your door with chlorine absorbed sunlight. unstabilized chlorine zapped Pool very quickly, sometimes within an hour. It is not worth the compromise of the price difference because I use everything else. If your water is balanced and properly filtered You still have to dose the pool in shock, usually once a week to receive materials bio-disinfectant that miss your normal. This thing is running out and add You finally overcome the filter and the possibility to deal with disinfectant. Pool worried. Their water chemistry is going to hell. If your TA, pH and values ​​of Cl and functioning properly observed maximum filter, you will not need a lot of shock, sometimes, depending on the weather, the number of swimmers (number the float with the pool) and fill with water, you can even skip a week, especially if your CL is a bit high, because no one with the pool and it was clear No wind and no rain since the last dose. The shock is stronger, more concentrated form of chlorine, which is stabilized. He goes to work quickly, and all organic nail the pool, then after a while it is cracked by the sun and your level drops back to normal. Not in a swimming pool just after a shock. Not very nice. Wait until fall. There can be three hours, it may take a day to your maintenance person at a time plan is to swim safely. Most people on Sunday evening. Most of the pools is for the weekend and there It is the evening or at dusk, the yellow ball in the sky to strike not the chlorine level and so you can make money by saving less of a shock. The next morning the sun will shock and in a short time, you're in business for the week. I know this sounds a lot, but when you actually do it, you'll find it takes no more than 45 minutes per week and includes vacc'ing pool. The downside is that if you really do not want you to have more time and money to fix it, and you will not swim or others. With what you have given me to work with, I'm afraid I can only recommend.

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