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Swimming Pool Chemicals Green Water

swimming pool chemicals green water
Above ground swimming pool question?

ok my mother inlaws pool is not properly cared for years on end was the last time they had to obtain system A new filter. and the pool is really bad as the water is dark green and very rough .. not fall all winter .. she went to the pool store has a new filter system (not sure the name) and the appropriate chemicals for cleaning, and this .. Is it really clean enough for swimming? I have a month 4 years and want to take it in the pool, but not if it is not sure what do you think?

Well, I advise you to go now, not only, but once the water is clear and the levels of chemicals are good, can Your baby with you in any case. She received algae because of all the pollen, leaves and other organic materials / phosphates who opened in the pool during the fall, winter and spring was. If it is true in the chemical (chlorine shock a lot of waiting 12-24 hours, in a highly concentrated algaecide – a continuation, at least 60% fruit juice is that none of the cheap stuff from 5 to 40%) and the vacuum and brush the walls, you should now see the green starts to disappear notice within a week or less. The water may begin to worry, but it is likely dead algae that are too small, are to be captured by the filter. Floc particles would be on the floor, where they could be sucked settle. He gets clean enough to swim in a given time, it's just a matter of time. I saw some people with really green pools that manage get it cleared up in a week or two, but I saw some others who fought against algae over a month and can not get rid of him. It also depends on the type of Algal culture. Make sure they visited a few different businesses and professionals about their views on how to fight algae and all the instructions on the bottles with Chemicals, as written can be obtained. After water is clear again and chlorine are back to normal, hopefully in a few weeks he will be sure to return.

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