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Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

swimming pool maintenance tips
I have recently built before pool for my house. It is now ready for use. I need advice on maintenance …?

My pool holds. 39 000 liters of water. What and how much chemical should I use? How often should I do that? What do I do, except put chemicals inside and it vaccuming?

Here are some basic Care tips to keep your pool in good shape. 1. Never empty POOL !!!!!! 2. When pH values ​​are affected, you want it, that 7.2 to 7.8. 3. What is the height of chlorine is affected, you want to keep close to 2.0. 4. If you use salt in your pool, the amount depends on the type of salt that you have installed. 5. The basic idea with the maintenance of your pool must be compatible.

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