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Pool Maintenance

pool maintenance
What maintenance is required if I do NOT open my Anthony gunnite 25,000 gal pool? Can it harm the pool?

Due to illness in the family, I am not able to open my inground pool this summer in Northern New Jersey. Is there anything I should do for maintenance? Can it damage the pool by not opening and circulating the water?

I used to work for the only Anthony dealer here in southern Ontario, so I reckon I can help.
If the pool was closed correctly and equipment winterized properly , it’ll be fine. There are only 2 things to consider. What type of winter cover if any and the water underneath it.
If the cover is a poly tarp and water bag, just make sure all the bags are ok. Drain off as much water as you can from the top of the cover, as well as remove debris, if possible. The water is the bigger issue of the two. If the level gets up to your tile line before freeze over, it may crack some tiles. Check the water under the cover for Cl content. If it’s 0 then add a shock and re cover.
If the cover is what we call a “safety cover”, like a trampoline, then just do a pump out down to the returns again. Keeping the water clear in this case is difficult. It will likely go green, if it hasn’t already. Safety covers are porous and let a lot of stuff in. You best bet, is liquid chlorine a few times this summer, followed by a dose right at ice in. Break a hole in the ice if you have to. The results in spring will be worth it.
The Marbalite finnish won’t get hurt any more than in a normal operating cycle with the exception of the steps where you may notice more spider webbing (hairline cracks) or spalding (coin sized wafers of marbalite disloged). Normal, it will happen eventually in any Marbalite pool that has to be drained for winterizing. Californians and Floridians are lucky in that respect.
The pool walls may become more stained than usual, but that’s going to be two winters of staining, and to be expected. It WILL come clean next spring, just a little more work.
Hope all this helps. I miss working on Anthony DE filters, they are, in my opinion the best out there. Unfortunately the Dealer I worked for, went under, there are only 3 guys in Ontario left that know the pools or the systems and we rarely get to see one anymore. Most have been retrofitted with Hayward or worse junk.

Pool Chemicals Acid

pool chemicals acid
I have alot of black algae on the walls of my pool. What is the easiest and least expensive way to get rid of?

it? chemicals? drain and acid wash? anything else??/

You need to shock it with pool chemicals.

Depending on whether you have vinyl or cement walls, which you didn’t state if you have above or inground, then if you have cement, then you can add a few gallons of bleach.

After a few hours, brush the walls down.
Let it settle.
Vacuum it up and then backwash.

Keep your chemicals in check afterwards.
Add algecide.



Swimming Pool Chemicals Hot Tub

swimming pool chemicals hot tub
why is it …..?

why is it that pregnant women can sit in their bath hot, steamy, but they can not go to a Spa? And when it cuz of chemicals, why they can swim in a pool? my dr. says I can take really hot baths, but can not go in a spa. my bathtub is hotter than most spas.

You're a doctor is not very intelligent … You should not be in a very hot bath. The warmth of the water can cause increased body temperature in a manner which can be hazardous to your baby.

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Pool Chemicals Shock

pool chemicals shock
I have done EVERYTHING I can think of, and my pool water is still green?

We have a smallish (12 ft by 30 inches) pool. I have added chemicals, shocked it, etc, and the water is still a greenish tint. All the test kits say that the 6 things being tested are in balance, so I assume it’s safe for swimming, but UGLY. Is it safe to run the filter while people are IN the pool? My husband says yes, that it’s not an electrocution hazard, but the company said not to in the directions. My husband is nearly certain that they say that because of the suction of the filter, but this is a small pump, so I don’t think that will be a problem. Of course, we also don’t leave the kids unattended.
Any ideas?
OH, we also have used an algaecide.

It takes time it doesn’t just magically disappear, The filter has to run to clean the algae out, it might take a few days and you will most likely need to clean it frequently as it will clog up fast and the flow will be significantly reduced. It’s not really advisable to swim in it, high levels of algae are typically considered a health hazard.

If your pump is a wall plug in type make sure it is connected to a GFI protected outlet. Aside from the algae it should be be safe to use the pool while the pump is running, but of course I have no idea for the reasoning behind the pool manufacturers instructions other than 100% safety for the users, in particular children. If their hair got pulled into the inlet would they be able to escape or would they drown?

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Pool Chemicals Supplies

pool chemicals supplies
where can I find a kit for a 25 yard, 6 lane pool?

Who should supply the kit? I need to make a proposal to the town for a public pool. By using a kit we could cuts a lot of costs, as much of the work could be done by volunteers rather than pros where can we find a kit for a 25 yard, 6 lane pool? i understand some stuff will need to be contracted, but still. any info about filtration systems, deck construction, chemical provider, etc. … look, I need at retailer or website. The Y does not sell pool kits.


Border Pools Maintenance & Supplies Laredo TX

Pool Maintenance Ph

pool maintenance ph
Maintenance of newly converted salt water pool?

We have just had our pool pebblecreted and converted to salt water. In addition, we have had the Zodiac Tri Chlorine Generator and Ph upgrade system installed. Prior to this conversion we had a marblesheen/lite chlorine pool. I am finding it hard to believe that the maintenance is so minimal on this pool with the new system, and am hoping that I am not forgetting anything. I get the pool water tested every fortnight (summer) and just add what the report tells me to. Apart from leaf and debris removal I do nothing to the pool now. It completely runs itself. Am I forgetting something??? It seems too easy!

Pools have great new stuff and with them come more problems. If you don’t have hard water then you should be ok for a long time, if you do your chlorine gen. will be the first to act up, PH is the big dog in the pool so take care of that 1st and get a good salt/test kit, water to hot or cold and it won’t make chlorine. Pool company’s are in sales they may have left some news you can use out so read everything on each equipment installed, good luck

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Pool Maintenance Basics

pool maintenance basics
Help with pool place interview?

so, I recently applied at a pool place, and just got called for an interview. I know the basics about pools, but I really want to wow them in the interview. Is there any specifics I should know about pools and pool maintenance??, any help is appreciated

thanks again 😀

You should have a basic understanding of pool chemistry (chlorine needs, pH range of 7.2 – 7.6) … alkalinity … and express that you’re open to attending pool maintenance school. You should also be willing to be a hard worker that takes pride in crystal clear water and clean pool bottoms.

Week 2 Speech Class- Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance.AVI

Swimming Pool Chemicals Bromine

swimming pool chemicals bromine
What is the best way to super chlorinate my swimming pool.?

The pool has mustard algae. I have shocked it and added bromine to no avail. I have added cynuric acid to bring the ph within range. The stability is ok and the alkalinity is ok. The combined chlorine is ok but the active chlorine is low. I still have mustard algae, really bad, maybe worse than before I started adding chemicals, any suggestions?

Take a sample to a pool store & get it tested.
We recommend using YELLOW OUT with
calcium hypocholrite (HTH).
The label on the YELLOW OUT gives directions.
If you follow the label, it will clear right up for you.
Do not let them sell you YELLOW TREAT, it will not
work like the YELLOW OUT.

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