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Swimming Pool Chemicals Balancing

swimming pool chemicals balancing
Any input on the use of salt disadvantages of chlorine in the pool outdoors?

In the renovation of my pool, I plan to convert the salt chlorine to obtain chemical equilibrium. Suggestions?

Windancer and I will challenge the authority of the generator to the subject of salt, I can see. I think he can cause poor had experience with older (more than 10 years) units. I am working on that too, and yes, they are horrible. It is different now. Windancer is true that you Do not remove the chlorine go salt. You're just recycling talk like that. I have nothing but positive feedback from customers who were spreading salt and pools had been responsible service per week that Salt were reduced my work by half and operating costs of the customer, by half. They consume very little power to operate. The salt used is very cheap. The overall effect on the balance of your water is almost zero, which requires less to keep your pH and TA in check. Save money back. Salt water pools are less people who have problems with bromine, Ozone or chlorine have pucks.You normal otherwise float (salinity is only 1 / 300 that of a man fails, you can hardly taste) you do not need to test salinity, Unlike what Windancer said, all units in these days of self-monitoring and display rate through the cell, temperature and salinity of the water at least, and a hi or lo salt warning.Check Single Aqua Rite is the best there, in my opinion, from a service, reliability and efficiency stand point. Let's http://www.goldlinecontrols.com/AquaRite.aspx in this way. I've never had one of the last 5 years has worked for the company that I sold, were repaired. An annual cleaning of cell is the owner and can do so easily. There is another brand that may play Windancer called Ecomatic. I had problems with these units, ranging from circuit boards fried defective cells. I find the shops that is not their money on the sale of chemicals, usually generators.It Trashy salt profitable for them and they lose their customers. Check around with some Your local merchants and friends.

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Pool Chemicals Balancing

pool chemicals balancing
Can a pool be filled with pond water?

We just bought a 24 x 4 foot pool and wondering if it would be possible to fill with pond water and then add the chemicals to balance it.

As the owner of a pool company, I highly recommend that you do NOT use pond water. The money you spend on chemicals and new filter media to try and get the water right (and there’s no guarantee you will) will greatly outweigh the money you will spend on water from the hose to fill the pool.

Online resources to help balance the chemicals in your commercial pool