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Pool Products Review

pool products review
Going Swimming after having a baby and lactation?

So, I’m going to be having a baby about the start of July. I know I’m gonna have to wait a while after the baby comes, for my body to heal up some. My question is, What can I do about the milk that runneth over? With my first boy, anytime I got a shower or even took off my nursing bra, it was like free flowing milk. How can I contain this during the summer? I don’t want to go to the pool, dribbling milk all over. But also, I don’t want to take my newbie or a breastpump to the pool either. (Ugh, how would I even keep the milk in the heat?)
I’ve seen a few products that are like silcon covers, that fit over the breast to help prevent leakage. Has anyone tried these type of things for swimming? I don’t trust company product reviews, of course their product is the best and flawless, etc.
I haven’t put on much weight this pregancy, and I’m excited to try in keep up the trend for after the baby. Any kind of positive advice or reveiws you could give are deeply welcomed!!

I bought some of the silicone shells that collect leaking breast milk. They are the perforated ones. (they have holes at the top to allow air flow to the nipples) and whenever I bent over to pick something up, all the collected milk came gushing out of the top and through my clothes onto the floor! If you are going to use some, get the non perforated ones.

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Heat Program California

heat program california
To help protect us from “Global Warming” California wants to control your home thermostat?

Is giving control of your homes heating/cooling control over to the government a good thing or pure evil?


The California Government wants to give the California Energy Commission control your homes thermostat remotely to reduce energy usage and to help protect the environment.

And the program is not voluntary. The California Energy Commission is seeking to require all new homes to have these remote controlled thermostats as part of their building codes. This means all new homes, and homes refurbished will have to have these devices installed by law.

Is this a good thing, or is this the start of a “Big Brother” government?

Would you give control of your homes heating/cooling system over to the government if you knew you were saving the Earth?

I live way up north and California doesn’t experience below zero or sub-zero temperatures like I do…so they can keep their Idea.

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Heat Project Online

heat project online
How can I encase a window unit air conditioner for use as a portable or freestanding unit?

I have my eye on a 115v 10,000 btu unit which is affordable (actual portables are not). I have windows in this apartment which do not allow for actual mounting. I am thinking of a styrofoam/ plywood case but i’m not sure about safety and condensation drip. I have been unsuccessful in locating plans online. I am only trying to cool a bedroom. The unit I want will suffice, I just want to insulate against heat and noise as much as possible (withouth the drip ruining the case). The window unit is a LG Electronics 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote Model LWHD1006R.

I’m not intimidated by the project, I just want to make sure I have all the bases covered. I wiss use it approximately 2 months and want it window mountable in the future.


You can’t put an AC free standing in a room, ti has to be able to pull outside air into th cabinet to blow through the condenser coils and discharge back outside. A free standing unit would actually warm the room not cool it when you figure in compressor and motor heat.

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Free Pool Maintenance Info

free pool maintenance info
Are there any adult retirement communities (individual homes) in the Savannah, GA region?

We are looking for individual homes, maintenance-free in a community with a pool, classes, etc. for age 55 and above. Also need info on the same in Beaufort, SC.

Yeah, about 8,500 homes available in those two counties alone for elders. Sun City on HHI, plus all the sea islands…call a realtor (email 4 contact).

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Heat Program

heat program
I would like to know of a program that can run headers while a computer is turned off.?

I am trying to find a program that has the ability to run headers (for the game Mobsters) while my computer is turned off. My laptop shuts down after a certain time frame, and I don’t want to harm it with heat, so I don’t extend it manually. Any ideas?

A computer has to be turned on to do anything..
It’s like a car with the ignition turned off – it ain’t goin’ nowhere.
Best option – estimate or time how long it takes to run the headers and set the shutdown time accordingly.

Heat Program