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Bissell Heat Pro Carpet Cleaner

bissell heat pro carpet cleaner
Does anyone own Bissell Pro Heat Carpet Cleaner? Need help.?

Ok, that's funny. I have a Hoover carpet cleaner for many years and never had that happen. This was a gift to me as a gift (Bissell Pro heat), so that one, and I use the recommended solution for them, and even the Walmart brand of the solution. I have a beige carpet and most of the time when the carpet is dry, there are light brown spots. Are you looking terrible and if I go over it again, It is even worse. I used cold water in the machine and not use the heat, and I hot water, stains and even appear. Why? Who else out there had this problem? These spots are not there, before I shampoo. You see them after I clean. I clean brushes and containers after each use. Ok, more info I forgot. This carpet is 10 years old and usually had a professional do it. Then bought the Hoover because I much cleaner and someone to come, be real expensive. The Bissell was a gift given. They come in all different areas. Not the same place.

I work for a warranty center Bissell, and I have a carpet cleaning certification by a reputable company. The duration of what is going on your carpet is tan. The soap is designed to attract dirt, so when the soap (shampoo) to extract again comes with the dirt. If you do not get back all the soap residue will attract the dust, and the result is tan. The big secret in carpet cleaning now, to go back with a "detergent". This product is designed to break the shampoo and neutralized. Since you already have before your shampoo carpet there are probably a number of residues accumulated in this already. I would only wash next time and you could be surprised pleasantly surprised by the results be. Misco is a product called "rinse and neutralizer." This is the best I've found. You probably will not find in a supermarket. You may need to go janitorial supply house. No matter what they say is, it will not harm your computer, in fact, it helps to hard water and shampoo to get building again on the lines, pump and radiator. The machine will work better and last longer if you use it. If you can not find it please let me know and I'll help you.

Bissel Pro Heat Pet 8910 spot test

Bissell Heat Pro Steam Cleaner

bissell heat pro steam cleaner
Bissell Steam Cleaner?

My own is constantly in the water. Any idea what could be wrong. It's a Bissell Pro-vertical heat.

Turn and watch the reels. The device sprays water and cleaning agents, one or two points in this area. If animal hair has accumulated and covered (it gets wet), the is your problem.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Steam Cleaner SteamVac Vacuum