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Small Pool Maintenance Instructions

small pool maintenance instructions
Pool maintenance?

Okay, so I just bought one of those relatively small 5,000 gallon above-ground pools. I also bought a chemical start up kit with shock, stabilizer tablets, and test strips. Now what do I do next? I added shock to it first like it said on the package but there really aren’t any instructions for use of the tablets. I really need some help!!

Typically the tablets are used in a floating “Duck” to hold while the chlorine tabs dissolve. The stabilizer tablets if correct are slow dissolving cyanuric acid. I would get a floater to put them in but DO NOT put chlorine in there until they (stabilizer) are all dissolved!

It appears you have everything except chlorine to maintain your residual 1-3ppm with 5 max. Some chlorine tablets contain stabilizer with the chlorine, and using them will put both into the water but you may note short chlorine life needing chlorine additions every day.

Dichlor can be used (residual chlorine) since it is in granular form, high chlorine content and high stabilizer content and it dissolves fast. To be safe dissolve in a 5 gallon bucket before dumping in pool.

Liquid pool chlorine sodium hypochlorite 12.5% can be used and for your pool 1ppm = 5.57oz to maintain the residual.

Do you have a test kit? Get one if no. Chlorine and pH minimum.

You’re welcome!!

Water Leveler Device for Ponds, Pools, Spas

Pool Maintenance Man

pool maintenance man
Ladies I need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dating Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Ok I work at a pool and there is this lifegaurd (I’m not a lifegaurd, I’m a maintenance man.) Well everytime she catches my eye she gives me this little grin. I have talked to her a couple of times durning break, but I want to get to know her more. should I ask her If she wants to do something after work, or is it to early?

ild ask her out it couldnt hurt dont make it seem like a ‘date ‘ just say hey if you arent doin any thing after wrk you wanna go catch a movie or ask her if she wants to go out for like a burger or something i know it sounds old school but hey it couldnt hurt even if she has a boyfriend it is just among friends and if u dont know if she is involved with anyone you could ask before hand but make it sound like a joke so u dont sound worried say some thing like ‘now i dont have to worry about your boyfriend pounding me for stealing you for the afternoon do i?’ and laugh..hope it helps


Max E Pro

max e pro
Can anyone help me with File Compressing?

I have folders which needs to be compressed and I have WinZip 14.0 pro through which i use to compress folders in my computer. My folder’s size is 3.5 GB and when compressed to zip folder it my PC reads 3.1 GB. How can WinZip help me to further decrease its size to max. for e.g. 3.5 GB to 2.3 GB?

First of all it is the content that varies the compressed size. e.g. compressing pictures/cabinet/video files do not give you much difference in the final file. Even then compression with WinRAR or 7 zip is more efficient.

You can use PowerISO to create a .daa file which is compressed and can be directly accessed by mounting that files as a CD drive.

You can enable Windows folder or drive compression for this.

If you have Video CD/DVD copied you can convert them to AVI format to make them small sized.


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