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Heat Projectors

heat projectors
I have Spyder Projector headlights. I keep getting condensation on the inside. What can I do ?

I have a 1999 Mustang GT. I replaced the headlights.The Halogen bulbs generate alot of heat. The condensation builds up inside the plexiglass housing, due to the temperature difference. Is there a way to prevent this? These are brand new lights.

they probably don’t have vent holes

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Heat Project Online

heat project online
How can I encase a window unit air conditioner for use as a portable or freestanding unit?

I have my eye on a 115v 10,000 btu unit which is affordable (actual portables are not). I have windows in this apartment which do not allow for actual mounting. I am thinking of a styrofoam/ plywood case but i’m not sure about safety and condensation drip. I have been unsuccessful in locating plans online. I am only trying to cool a bedroom. The unit I want will suffice, I just want to insulate against heat and noise as much as possible (withouth the drip ruining the case). The window unit is a LG Electronics 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote Model LWHD1006R.

I’m not intimidated by the project, I just want to make sure I have all the bases covered. I wiss use it approximately 2 months and want it window mountable in the future.


You can’t put an AC free standing in a room, ti has to be able to pull outside air into th cabinet to blow through the condenser coils and discharge back outside. A free standing unit would actually warm the room not cool it when you figure in compressor and motor heat.

Heat Project

Summer Heat Program Nj

summer heat program nj
Who wears make up in the summer?

I usually don’t because here in NJ it gets really hot. And I never thoght it would but I seen a tv program on why it is so hot in NY and NJ and being that I live in a metro area the pavement heats up and makes it hotter! I wan’t to try to wear it this summer but I may only be wearing lip gloss! in the heat that is about all I can tolerate.

well i live in ohio and i does get ht but i wear a simple powder to cover pimples and thing in that area or if i go out you know hten i would wear a little more but dont go extreme especially if u take part in a summer sport ur face will melt off and u will be trying to fix it every minute so try just a light powder to help and if your face can bear it without the sweat and heat of it all try a little more if u have problem areas on ur face like acne because i do and im a voulenteer lifgaurd so when i look like a mess for sure i wear big glasses to cover half my face and i keep them on one because they cover the face 2 they keep sun out so they help also

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Max E Pro

max e pro
Can anyone help me with File Compressing?

I have folders which needs to be compressed and I have WinZip 14.0 pro through which i use to compress folders in my computer. My folder’s size is 3.5 GB and when compressed to zip folder it my PC reads 3.1 GB. How can WinZip help me to further decrease its size to max. for e.g. 3.5 GB to 2.3 GB?

First of all it is the content that varies the compressed size. e.g. compressing pictures/cabinet/video files do not give you much difference in the final file. Even then compression with WinRAR or 7 zip is more efficient.

You can use PowerISO to create a .daa file which is compressed and can be directly accessed by mounting that files as a CD drive.

You can enable Windows folder or drive compression for this.

If you have Video CD/DVD copied you can convert them to AVI format to make them small sized.


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Summer Heat Program

summer heat program
Scotts Summer Guard (heat and insects) issue of fertilizers?

We believe we have an insect problem in our yard. We random dark Spots as we know it is not pee animal or larvae. If there larvae, we were able to pull the grass I guess. Last week we asked a claim to custody by The summer program Scotts. How long does it really work and would be damaged if another application to put in a few weeks?

Which automatically assume he is not against white grubs. In some cases, you can easily trace the turf, but not so in some cases. For most cases of insects, it takes about two weeks to get the fertilizer for maximum effect. It also realized that if it rain or sprinklers to fertilixer If in another day or soak They have no work, you take one of your little brown spots, and remove the top2 'soil in a square of 12 inches. Go with your hand on the ground the grass to see if we are to other issues. If this does not just remove the dead grass and new sod or seed with a good starter fertilizer. I hope this help, grub worms may be misleading, and seeing is believing. Good luck:)

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