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Pool Chemicals Stabilizer

pool chemicals stabilizer
How long should I wait before putting in the next pool chemical?

I know how much of each chemical to put in, i need to know how long to wait before putting in the next chemical. I’ll be adding ph down, stabilizer, calcium, alkalinity,cholrine, shock, and algeacide. Thanks in advance.
I did the water analysis on aquachem.com, it’s supposed to be accurate.

Adjust your alkalinity/pH first. Then shock. Then calcium. Then algaecide, if it is really necessary. Lastly, stabilizer and chlorine. Three to four hours between each treatment is sufficient time. You want to make sure that you do the stabilizer and chlorine last because they take longer to work. Also, you might want to time it so that you shock your pool in late afternoon/early evening. It will be more effective because sunlight evaporates the chlorine very quickly. The shock will have more time to do its job if you do it at night.


Pool Maintenance Chlorine Level

pool maintenance chlorine level
Mathe Hilfe plz mir helfen?

Chlor Hinzu SI Oft ein Schwimmbad zu helfen kg IS Clorin Jede Woche reinigen das Wasser in einem Pool insbesondere 9,. Pool Filter absorbiert 30% der Chlor pro Woche. Wie viel in den Pool Chlor nach 7 Wochen? Bestimmen Sie die Wartung Niveau von Chlor im Pool? Ich habe in diesem Sequenz Frage Stunde für Jahr und kann sie nicht jemand mir helfen, mir zeigen, wie u get diese Antwort

Nicht wissend, was Sie studieren genauen Gegenstand, dann ist dies eine rekursive Problem ist. Vielleicht you-can konvertieren in diesem Jahr in die unendlichen Reihe, aber ich bin nicht sicher, dass Sie tatsächlich benötigen, um … n = c = KW Chlorin (in kg) c (0) = 0 c (n) = 9 + 0,7 * c (n-1) Woche 1: c (1) = 9 + 0,7 * c (1-1) = 9 + 0,7 * c (0) = 9 + 0,7 * 0 = 9 kg Woche 2: c (2) = 9 + 0,7 * c (1) = 9 + 0,7 * 9 = 15.3kg Woche 3: c (3) = 9 + 0,7 * c (2) = 9 + 0,7 * 15,3 = 19.71kg … Woche 7: c (7) = 9 + 0,7 * c (6) = 9 + 0,7 * 26,47 = 27.53kg Wartung Ebene ist, wo c (n) = c (n-1) x = 9 + 0,7 * x 0,3 x = 9 x = 9/0.3 = 30 kg

Nikon D5000 stop motion video: draining the pool

Pool Maintenance Opening

pool maintenance opening
I live in a KMC mobile home park. Maintenance is awful. What can I do? It’s embarrassing.?

Six years ago I picked this park because it was the neatest of more than fifty mobile home parks. It has changed management several times. Each time it looks alittle worse. Unoccupied lots are unkept, trees are laying on a lot of roofs, the pool is almost never open because its green (its obviously not maintained), Unsupervised children play in the streets and on post office station. This is just a few of my complaints. We have started looking to move.

Does the park have a policy for maintenance. Did they tell you when you moved in that they would maintain the park and conduct improvements. Or did they promise nothing. Do you have running water, electricity, and garbage pickup that is reliable? This is what you do, add up the amount of space rent that you pay and multiply it by how many other spaces there are in the park. Calculate the total and figure out how much the park makes in profit. For instance a home that rents for $800 would have a space rent from $300 to $400. This is the profit that the park makes. Ues it against them, they are obviously making money there, and they are not holding up there obligation of the deal. You use a video camera and take footage of the areas that are of concern to you, like unsafe conditions and unmaintained areas. Then you upload the footage to the website YOUTUBE, and label the video Third world country in America does happen. That is how you get the exposure out there. You need to embarass the owners of the park, and then mabye they will do something about it.
It sounds like the management there at the park is LAZY.

Graves Pools Myrtle Beach_Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips .mov

Pool Chemicals Balancing Help

pool chemicals balancing help

my pool water was perfectly clear and balanced, when i did my weekly dose of shock i noticed that we had a bag of shock sitting outside, the pack was opened on the end, and you could tell the package was faded by the sun, but i thought to myself “pool chemicals are expensive, i’ll just use this bag, while i can”

so i added that old bag of shock to my pool, and immediately after adding it my pool water was cloudy around the area i added the shock, within about an hour, the whole pool turned cloudy!!! i dont know what to do, its only been a couple of hours since i added it but i have no clue why it would turn cloudy like that. i tested the water a couple of hours after, and the levels are all good, except chlorine, which is VERY high (as you would expect after shocking it).

anyone here know what i should do??

Usually if a pool goes cloudy immediately after adding shock, the culprit is a high organic load. That pool desperately needed the sanitizer. The cloudiness is actually gas bubbles formed as the chlorine goes to work oxidizing a high volume of organics.
If that’s the case, it will resolve itself as the organics complete gassing off.
I rather doubt it was a problem with the opened packet of shock itself.
The other possibility is a reaction with a chemical that you’d previously put in the pool. You don’t mention any , so my money is on the organic load if this is a traditionally chlorinated pool.

Aquatain Pool Evaporation Control and Spa Evaporation

Pool Maintenance Water

pool maintenance water
Do you think how much it cost to build a swimming pool for family and how much it’s maintenance cost a month?

Do you think how much it will cost to build a small swimming pool for family and how much it’s maintenance will cost. How often the water in the pool should be change if it is just going to be use by a family? I saw in some resorts , they throw chlorine in the pool after using it but im wondering how often they change the water in the pool
Im from Philippines anyway so maybe the cost of maintenance vary too in every country???

Well… relatively speaking, i dont know the currency system and how it works where you are.

It all depends on what type of pool you want. I know you live in the Philippines and i dont know the currency system there… But in the US you can go really cheap for an inground pool for probably 20000. and for the more extravagant anywhere from 40000 or more. But if you want just a standard basic pool for family, you might be better off with a regular above ground pool if you can get them there. The cost will be alot cheaper, and speaking as to water….. you dont need to change your water much at all. Resorts and other Commercial pools are subject to health regulations which mean they are REQUIRED to change the water at certain points and times of the year. Always remember that you will lose water to evaporation, and splashing and people getting out of the pool etc, So you will always be filling it to keep the water level where it needs to bee, you are in effect changingthe water, just at a much slower rate.

In the US especially here in the northeast and other colder climates, you drain the pool anywhere from 18-36 inches for the closing anyways, and when you fill it up in the spring you have just changed over a good amount of the water. This also helps to control some chemical issues…

As for maintenance…. Your normal maintenance will be Chlorine Shock once a week, or every 2 weeks depending on use, anywhere from 2-3 pounds of granular shock, or 2-3 gallons of liquid , whichever you use. 1 gallon of liquid is equivalent to 1 pound of granular. you are going to need chlorine tablets or sticks, to put in your skimmer, to keep your chlorine level stable. and you will have to adjust PH levels accordingly.. Other than that, there isnt much maintenance that needs to be done… MAybe every 2-3 months you might want to have a water sample taken again though… i dont know how common a swimming pool store in the philipphines are….

Hope this info helps.

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