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Heat Project Cheat

heat project cheat
is it possible to make your own electric kettle?

i will make something kind of an electric kettle/ purifier for my project
it kinda looks like this: http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/9812/75964487.png

i have taken apart an electric kettle to get the heating element (that looks like this: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/268404985/stainless_steel_heater_for_kettle.html ) and the thermostats ( http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/287693706/water_ketttle_thermostats_KST168_T.html ) but i don’t know how to put it together,

i also want to ask,
what is a good container for the “kettle” can i use PVC plastic containers?
what metal can use as my case for the glass?
is Pyrex advisable as the glass inside the case?

i didn’t want to use an electric kettle from the market cause i feel like i’m cheating
and please don’t answer for the sake of 2 points!

“Real world” engineers always take advantage of prior art. If you can buy a kettle commercially that will do the job, buy it. Then, you can give your full attention to the unique parts of your project.

It’s not cheating. You should avoid “re-inventing the wheel” whenever you can.

That’s not what you asked. But it’s the best advice I can give.

How To Cut Heat Transfer Material With Cricut Tutorial

Heat Project Online

heat project online
How can I encase a window unit air conditioner for use as a portable or freestanding unit?

I have my eye on a 115v 10,000 btu unit which is affordable (actual portables are not). I have windows in this apartment which do not allow for actual mounting. I am thinking of a styrofoam/ plywood case but i’m not sure about safety and condensation drip. I have been unsuccessful in locating plans online. I am only trying to cool a bedroom. The unit I want will suffice, I just want to insulate against heat and noise as much as possible (withouth the drip ruining the case). The window unit is a LG Electronics 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote Model LWHD1006R.

I’m not intimidated by the project, I just want to make sure I have all the bases covered. I wiss use it approximately 2 months and want it window mountable in the future.


You can’t put an AC free standing in a room, ti has to be able to pull outside air into th cabinet to blow through the condenser coils and discharge back outside. A free standing unit would actually warm the room not cool it when you figure in compressor and motor heat.

Heat Project

Heat Pro Shop

heat pro shop
How does the LG Dare (VX9700) work for you?

I’m shopping for a new phone, and I’m interested in the the LG Dare VX9700 from Verizon Wireless. If you have it, what are the pros and cons that you’ve found with it? I’m having trouble finding things online.

It has a lot of features that I’ve been looking for in a phone, primarily bluetooth file transfer. How well does the touch screen work, and is it pressure sensitive, or heat sensitive?

Thanks in advance!

i got this phone about two months ago and i’m completely obsessed with. you know how they say you can never put down your blackberry? i felt the same way with the dare.
but anyway…the touch screen is amazing but it drops calls easily and sometimes i can’t even find reception in my own house. the unlimited internet is a must with this phone because sometimes its slow and you will easily go over your monthly limit.

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Heat Program

heat program
I would like to know of a program that can run headers while a computer is turned off.?

I am trying to find a program that has the ability to run headers (for the game Mobsters) while my computer is turned off. My laptop shuts down after a certain time frame, and I don’t want to harm it with heat, so I don’t extend it manually. Any ideas?

A computer has to be turned on to do anything..
It’s like a car with the ignition turned off – it ain’t goin’ nowhere.
Best option – estimate or time how long it takes to run the headers and set the shutdown time accordingly.

Heat Program

Heat Project Downloads

heat project downloads
I need help finding out this song D:?

the lyrics are
“we’ve been walking for some time without a word. to carry on to carry on what i’ve rehearsed, and as i’m standing here i know i’m not determand to say the things I need to say and now i’m waiting, and i’m waiting, and i’m waiting til now and till tonight, I give my everything to you…i’ll make it right for all the hell i’ve put you through…i’m sorry i’m so crazy it’s a problem that you’ve felt subside so i thank god your here with me tonight…i feel my lips begin to dry from the heat…projected from the way your eyes are fixed on me now i’m waiting here so patiently or all i’ve wanted…let’s run away,let’s move away, let’s find away together…to keep away the problems we encounter let’s run away,let’s move away,let’s find away together because togethers ALL we need”

I cant figure out who sings it :/ or for that matter how to download the song.

Type the lyrics here:


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