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Aqua Turbines

aqua turbines
Why are hydroelectric dams so rare?

Very little US electricity comes from hydroelectricity. WHY??? There are plenty of rivers across the US! How is it not practical to have miles of dams to produce electricity? (ok, I guess “miles” is an exaggeration)
But see the attached article: Ford spent $1 million to build a dam, and every year, they save $4 million by NOT purchasing electricity. As a matter of fact, they can re-sell the extra electricity they don’t use.
In the case of this article: “HOW IS IT NOT PRACTICAL TO USE THE EXISTING DAM SITE TO ADD ADDITIONAL TURBINES?” (it wouldn’t disrupt additional aqua-life any more than it already has) add another row of turbines, generate an additional 18 mega-watts of electricity.
Thanks for any insight that you can add!!!


Hydro electric dams are rare for many of the same reasons nuclear power plants are rare.
1. Large capitol investment up front for long term payback.
2. Environmental impact is very difficult to prove / achieve approval
3. Geographical / topographical conditions for a dam/reservoir are rare
4. Safety – prove there will never be an accident

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Pool Chemicals Algaecide

pool chemicals algaecide
How do I get my pool clean?

It has been a week since we opened it and it is no longer that dark, nasty green. Now it is a light green, but it is still so cloudy that we can’t even see the bottom of the shallow end (only 3.5ft)! We have put all kinds of shock, algaecide, and Ph increaser in it, but all the chemicals just seem to create a layer of foam on top of the pool. We have been vacuuming, backwashing, and emptying both filters (one in the skimmer and one in near the pump, presumably to catch what is vacuumed up) regularly. Please help us!

Pools can be tricky…Other then adding Chlorine you should allways bring a water sample to your pool store when you have a problem…They will test your water and provide you with the proper chemicals based on your gallonage..Dumping stuff in without proper instruction will screw things up more…..They will tell you exactly what to put in and the proper order based on your sample. Sounds to me that it wasn’t properly winterized.

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Pool Chemicals Natural

pool chemicals natural
Can I soak in a Oatmeal Bath if I am 2cm dilated and 50% effaced?

I have PUPPP, which is a rare rash during pregnancy that is like having chronic hives, and was wondering if, with being dilated and effaced, it was safe to soak in a oatmeal bath since it is natural and doesn’t have chemicals like a pool or anything.

As long as your water hasn’t broke, then you can take a bath. I’m not sure about the oatmeal bath though. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be okay.

Congrats and good luck.

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