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Pool Maintenance Troubleshooting

pool maintenance troubleshooting
Pool Maintenance Troubleshooting?

We haven’t been able to use our above ground pool for 2 days due to weather. It was covered during that time. I didn’t run the pump (call me stupid…). Anyway, I took the cover off today, planning to test the water and let the kids swim. The sides of the pool and the rafts had a slimy feel. The water is crystal clear, and there isn’t anything floating in the water (except the random bug or leaf that blows in). Is this an algae problem or what? What can I do for it? I have shocked it and have run the pump pretty much all day. Should I let it go all night and then check it again in the morning? I have also wiped down the sides and bottom of the pool with my sponge mop? What else can I do?

Keep pump running scrub down with soft brush,check Ph.It sounds like algae precursors.

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Pool Maintenance Tools

pool maintenance tools
I need Pool Help. I’ve been miscuing a lot.

I have been miscuing a lot lately and i don’t know what ive been doing wrong it looks like i have a bald spot on my cue stick and I’m wondering if that is the problem. what are good tools out there that can help me with the Maintenance of my tip.
I do have a rythem where i chalk up before every single shot so i know its not a problem with the chalk.

It could be a combination of things: lack of chalk, bad cue tip, poor tip maintenance, or a poor stroke. Look at the bald spot on your cue tip. It will show you exactly what part of the tip you hit the ball with.

Let’s assume that the problem is simply poor maintenance:

If you have a “bald spot” or a shiny spot on your tip, you simply need to rough up the leather a bit, so it will hold chalk. Use GOOD chalk. I recommend Masters (blue –it’s a bit moister than Master green).

Chalk up before EVERY shot!

If your tip is not leather, I highly recommend that you have a good leather tip put on your cue stick.

Tip Maintenance:

Use a “Tapper”, a “pick”, a “cube”, or any tip-tool made specifically for grooming your pool cue tip. I highly recommend (and use) Willard’s tip groomer and shaper.

Never get the tip of your cue wet.
Never use chalk that is wet.

Get a Willard’s cue tip shaper. It’s a fool-proof and accurate tool that will NOT over-shave your tip. It will keep your tip in the proper radius no matter how you use the tool. It’s the easiest and most reliable tip-shaping and scuffing tool there is.

http://www.cuesight.com/wpttpr.html (for nickel radius)
http://www.cuesight.com/wpttch.html (for dime radius)

For more information on keeping your tip in tip-top shape, please refer to the question previously asked: “How to round a cue tip”. You’ll find my answer to that question in Snooker and Pool.

Good luck, pool player!


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