Dove Heat Protectant

dove heat protectant
Best heat protectant / flyaway control hair product? Help!?

Hey everyone… I need some help!

I’ve started to blowdry my hair a lot and I’d like to get a product to help protect my hair from the heat. I’m already starting to see some flyaways, so if the product helps tame those it would be a great bonas!

I’ve heard that the Dove Heat Protectant Shampoo is good, let me know if you’ve used it or if you know of anything better.


My favorite heat protectant is Chi Silk Infusion. It protects very well and intensifies the effectiveness of the flat iron, as well as adding moisture. Also, it has no alcohol which really dries out hair. Plus, Chi Silk Infusion, also smoothes my hair.

Slightly pricey, but definitely worth every penny!

Tremseme Heat Protectant vs.Dove Heat Protectant