H2o Pool Products Reviews

h2o pool products reviews
Looking for a GOOD waterproof Case for my 60G Ipod?

I am interested in getting a GOOD waterproof case of my Ipod. I am not going to be diving with it or getting it near any Saltwater…all I am doing at this time is swimming laps at my local YMCA. Its getting to cool to use a regular pool. I believe it is only 5ft deep….there might even be a 9ft spot in the regular pool not the lap pool. I just want something to protect my ipod.

I looked at H2O Audio but have heard some not good reviews….anyone own one?? Anyone willing to testify to the quality of the product??

Thanks for any help!!

A working case like this does not exist for the Ipod for a number of reasons but mainly the headphone port. You would need a very tight connection for the 1/8th inch headphone port to prevent water from entering the ipod, there are a few MP3 players sold right now that combat this problem but I have litterally seen them all and they are huge and they suck. At this point I think you are just going to have to live with one place you can’t bring your Ipod.

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