Hair Heat Protectant Reviews

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i ordered a sedu falt iron and i read tons of good reviews on it at then i looked today at and saw some reviews that werent really good.. i have relaxed african american hair.. and my hair is in good condition, i read that the ceramic plates arent close together s0o when you apply pressure to them and pull the iron through the section of hair it damages your ends, is this true? any1 used a SEDU already please help me beacause i will send it back.. *what if i put heat protectant serum on my ends will that help*?
i wash my hair every 2 weeks, s0o when i wash my hair thats whyen i’ll be flat ironing it, sometimes i let my hair air dry, and sometimes i blow it out lightly to make it dry faster
i’m not going to be using it everyday

i juss ordered a sedu straigtener i’ll keep you posted i’m african american girl t0o =)~

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