Ic Fantasia Heat Protector Serum

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Fantasia IC Polisher can ning straight heat protection for hair straightening serum?

Can it help ur hair is law?

Some details and tips * Protects against damages caused by tools * Maintains heat: to answer for your question * with silicone, aloe vera, vitamin E and sunscreen enriched Details hot heat styled hair healthy and damage * Smooths hair from heat and eliminates flyaways for preventing the times when you heat to your hair, always ensure To ensure, protect them, to prevent damage and breakage. This heat shield creates a barrier between the heater and hair you can style without fear of serious harm add. It adds shine and moisturizes your hair without a greasy residue or heavy build. Keep this serum in addition to the style heating. Tips Use: For use to achieve with iron, hair dryer and heat-units to form a smooth, straight hair look. Comments: * Benefits can be wet or dry Hair before application to make use of heat. (1) * cheap (1) * unravels the wet hair (1) * is working hard assets (1) * does what it says (1) * get smooth Hair (1) * glitters … (1) * Less frizz … (1) * goes too far (1) * protecting the hair against heat damage (1) * Cons a few dollars cheaper (1) Not * could take all day … Fat * (1) (1) * Fat .. (1) * not * Heavy (1) (1) Not at all * (1) * Other brands with similar products affordable Price * (1) * A bit expensive sprays (1) are easier to use, but only for a serum (1) Hope that helps!

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