Getting Pool Chemicals Just Right

getting pool chemicals just right
I just got a new group when I get water that chemicals Is it necessary to put it aside?

I mean often speak of shock and stablixer and ALL Ph + and – and chlorine need to know what to put in it so I know what to ask when I go to the store pool

You do not say if it is a buried or aboveground pool. I had an inground pool for years. We recommend taking a sample of water from a spring pool (chemicals, etc.) and tested it. You must purchase insurance unit test colorimetric analysis Low cost and easy to use. They show, it only costs a few dollars. You should try the pool water every day during the summer. You do not say where you live. In Arizona, at times, I tried two times a day. They will tell you how to begin. First, will adjust the pH. After bleach. There are advantages to chlorine in a floating solid. They will tell you if you need to "shock" of water. Remember this …. after "shock" water (which is to release the chlorine to work again) Do not let anyone swim test until your test kit shows the level of chlorine reduced. There are algaecides. Only use when your pool store recommended. You should clean (empty) pool every day for best results, and hold the filter in good condition. When you have to be back-red, to do so.

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