Pool Covers Manual

pool covers manual
Pool maintance Help?!?

how do you take care of an above ground pool.
i just got an above ground pool 12ft x 36ft. and i have a cover for it too.

i just want to know the products that you have to put in to make it not turn green. i have some idea about pool maintance because i read the manual =]. but yea. i dont get it so much hehe.

can anyone tell me the main products you need to put in an above ground kinda small pool to keep it clean. and how much everyday or everyother day. PLZ HELP ME . I need to keep this pool clean lol.

I don’t know where you live, or what kind of pool places you have in your area, but look for BioGuard distributors…If you happen to live near a Carribean Pools store, they are THE BEST (in the area I live in), but if not, usually BioGuard distributors are pretty knowledgeable about what products you need to maintain your pool. They will usually ask for a sample of your water so that they can tell exactly what your pool needs. They can then give you detailed instructions specifically for your size pool on how to maintain the water throughout the season.

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