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Question about pool fencing laws in Australia?

I just bought an above ground pool that is 107cm in height and it says on the box “pool fencing laws affect this product”. Exactly what does that mean ?

I looked it up and it only says that you need a fence around the pool if you are selling your home, which I am not. I have a fence around my entire house and yard as well as a roller door. I also have a cover for the pool that I would put on whenever I”m not using it. It has a lot about child safety mostly on the website about fencing requirements but I don’t have any children and no children will ever be coming into my home or yard so do these fencing rules apply to me also ?

It’s hardly worth buying a fence for the pool when the pool itself only cost $500.
I’m from South Australia
Lol, thanks

It depends what state u are from…..

Eachs state laws vary, so it depends where u live.

here are the links……..

NSW: www.safewaters.nsw.gov.au
VIC: www.watersafety.vic.gov.au
QLD: www.poolfencing.qld.gov.au
NT: www.watersafety.nt.gov.au

Sorry, forgot South Australia existed lol

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