Pool Maintenance Cloudy Water

pool maintenance cloudy water
My pool is cloudy and it will not clear up. Suggestions????

I have a 20,000 Gallon diving pool that is cloudy and will not clear up. I have taken the water to a pool shop several times to have the water tested, and everything is perfectly balanced. I am at a loss because this is the only time I have had problems since owning the pool. Here is a rundown of the problems:

I live in PHX and the temps are abnormally high and have been for almost 2 weeks (110+)

Pool drained last year because of a water “lock up”

Repaired several small air leaks and replaced all of the seals and o-rings this season.

Removed the sand in the filter and replaced it with zeobest.

The only problem with my water is that the cyanuric acid level was at 254. Could my water be “locked up” again? How could the cyanuric acid count be so high if my water is only 1 season old?

I have done nothing out of the ordinary with regards to shock etc. or other maintenance.

I run the filter for 10 hours each day also.

HELP. I am getting really frustrated

This is part of a post at a Cloudy Pool Forum:
“…….So if the above numbers are correct, then your cloudiness is most likely due to a nascent algae bloom. At a CYA level of 140 ppm, you would need to keep an absolute minimum of 10.5 ppm FC to keep away algae (7.5% of the CYA level) with a normal target of 11% of the CYA level or 15.4 ppm FC. It would take HUGE amounts of chlorine to kill the algae in your pool because your high CYA level will bind up most of the chlorine. I suggest you do a partial drain/refill to get your CYA level lowered and can do this while vacuuming to waste to get rid of some of the algae as well. Curt’s advice is right on for this.

You should stop using stabilized chlorine products (Trichlor or Dichlor) since they add CYA to your water. And Curt is right that adding Cal-Hypo will tend to cloud up water if it’s saturated, but in your case you’ve got an algae bloom to deal with. I agree that you shouldn’t use Cal-Hypo because your Calcium may already be high (depends on Calcium Hardness vs. Total Hardness), so use unscented bleach or chlorinating liquid instead. And to keep your pH low, you’ll have to have Muriatic Acid as well. The hypochlorite sources of chlorine (bleach, chlorinating liquid, Cal-Hypo, lithium hypochlorite) are all pH neutral after their chlorine is consumed (the pH goes up when added, but goes down when the chlorine gets used up) but with your high TA level your pool will outgas carbon dioxide which will make the pH tend to rise.

It’s going to be very, very hard to clear your algae bloom at your high CYA level. It will take lots and lots of chlorine.

And please, please, get yourself a good test kit — the Taylor K-2006 (not K-2005) .


From what I’ve read there you might need to drain again but it’s hard to say without your numbers. You might want to go to the forum page posted below and pose your question to these guys.
Good luck.

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