Swimming Pool Chemicals Reactions

swimming pool chemicals reactions
My 7 yr old daughter has painful urination only after swimming in pools. Help! it is ruining our summer.?

I thought it was just because our friend put too many chemicals for their size pool (above ground), but she went to another olympic sized pool and had almost same reaction. She has never had urinary tract problems before and this is the only time it hurts but she says the burning is so bad and now she won’t even get in a pool. She can swim and has no fear of water, in fact she goes to our lake and swims with no problem. Our pediatrician she has a sensitivity to the chemicals and just don’t swim in pools but she is constantly being invited to swim parties and many of our friends have pools. Any help would be appreciated.
She has been to the dr and even had urinalysis done which showed no infection. The only time she has the pain and burning is when she swims in a pool. If it was urinary tract infection wouldn’t it hurt all the time?

that sucks

she’s probably allergic to Chlorine
let her go to the pool parties and tell her she doesnt have to swim
also tell the parents that are supervising the party and have her tell her friends if want her to go swim

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