Tresemme Heat Protection Spray Reviews

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Can I get a treatment that Biosilk serum protection against the heat?

I recently bought a new rectifier and I want to use frequently (3-4 times per week compared to the current 0-1). My hair is highlighted in thick and coarse. I like Biosilk Silk Therapy that my hairdresser me a bottle a while ago. I love the smell and rather the general effect on my hair. However, I have some time to experience mixed reviews online to see if I can not use as protection against heat and Jet. The first question is 1) Can I use it on before you flat on board and as protection against heat and 2) if I can not, I can always use when I flat iron on the overall effect (as against TRESemme heat before ironing Protection Biosilk flat and get after it?). If I use it as protection against heat, there are other products that are recommended (preferably unscented)? Thanks guys!

I Biosilk and what I do, my hair is heading to straighten it, of course, I may be a small amount of Biosilk in my Fingers and apply in work on the article. So I straigt this section and repeat steps with other sections.

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