Heat Pro Sports

heat pro sports
Why does it seem like only politicans can discuss politics? Everyone else seems to not be about ideas.?

But really more about saying things like “Shillary” or “If GW doesnt invade another country” or “that liberal Michael Moore is going to buy more cheeseburgers” etc… And all these little ‘catchphrases’.

It seems like political forums, like on here, about about potshots instead of ideas.

Why are people not interested in the issues any deeper than heated one-liners? Lack of education on the issue? Too many prime-time shock political shows to set an example of how loud you should be?

CSPAN and Sunday morning TV there are plenty of intelligent discussions, that are idea-driven. I don’t see them anywhere else.

I’d think that mentality could be saved for pro sports. Any suggestions as to why this thinking is so prevalent, or am I just noticing it, since it undermines thinking and discussion?

The main reason is because the country is divided into Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Republican. It often gets very tedious. I asked a similar question last week “Why do people consider politics like sports?”

People just want to get points for being on a “winning” team and have no idea where their actual party stands. My team is better than your team because well…we’re better! That’s the kind of mentality people have nowadays with actual no real insight.

No one wants to hear the “other” side. I’m a Conservative but I do listen to all sides of an issue before I make up my mind on that particular topic.

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