How To Cater A Pool Party

So it’s summertime the kids are home from uni and everybody just wants to relax about the pool and take it easy. Life is stressful enough already so grab a favourite bevy and head poolside.

iStock_000016766234XSmallIf you’re in the party mood or maybe you have a function planned over the warmer months, then it’s high time you thought about getting the right team of folks to come and take care of the finer details of everything from party planning, food catering, staff hire and party clean up. There is a lot that goes into a successful function, and you want to make sure that you get it right.

Choosing the wrong catering companies Sydney has to offer can spell disaster for the big day or night as it may be. Don’t let the influence of cost come into the equation, as it is so easy to shop around based on price alone. I mean, do you really want to have a good party and see everyone catered well, or do you want to save a few pennies?

I know what I want to achieve and that is peace of mind that we are all going to enjoy the festivities and be relaxed, not stressed out.

So what can go wrong when hiring the wrong catering team? Well here is a list of potential pitfalls to watch out for: